Will Fuel Cells Replace Battery-Powered Cars?

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Will battery powered cars become mainstream? Not likely. Fuel cells have the potential to replace batteries as the energy source behind electric cars. And fuel cell cars are just one of several vehicle types that could take a share of the green-car market. Internal combustion engine (ICE) cars will continue to be improved and will dominate the market for many years.

The next 20 years will be awash in technology-driven green car ideas. Governments will continue to force automakers (and motivate drivers) to reduce CO2 emissions, increase their average MPG, and reduce their dependence on foreign oil.

The plug-in car is one of the earliest green production cars, but it is a car with some serious consumer acceptance issues including poor range, difficulty of refueling on the road, and high initial cost. In the time it will take to solve these issues many competing technologies will have time to be established.

Certainly enthusiast and hobbyist types will buy a few all electric cars like the Tesla Motors (TSLA) Roadster or the Nissan (OTCPK:NSANY) Leaf. There may even be enough sales to sustain a boutique auto maker like Tesla. However in-spite of their cool factor, it is unlikely that the all-electric market will EVER be a mainstream market. We won’t repeat all the pros and cons of all-electric vehicles here. They have been well discussed elsewhere. We will focus on the alternatives.

There are many ways to get greener besides the plug-in vehicles (or riding you bike). Let’s list out some possible contenders to spoil the party for the big battery vehicles.

  • More efficient and cleaner burning gasoline and diesel internal–combustion-engine (ICE) cars
  • Smaller and lighter ICE cars
  • Hybrid Electric-ICE Cars
  • ICE Cars that burn natural gas
  • ICE Cars that burn renewable fuels
  • Fuel cell cars that run on

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