Are We Out Of The Woods Yet? No, Not Yet

Includes: IVV, SPY
by: StopAlerts

"Are we there yet?" is the constant question. The answer is "No, not yet." That is, with respect to the S&P 500, if you want to play it safe on the sidelines until one of these thresholds is met:

  1. Price goes above the 50% mark between the April high and the October low
  2. The price goes above the 200-day average
  3. The price goes above the April high.

That doesn't mean you should not invest if you are inclined to do so in a down market, but it does mean that the bulls have not yet pulled the bears over the mid-line of their struggle, and that visually the picture is still down.

Whatever criteria you use, it should be some objective criteria that you can measure, and not a emotional "risk on", "risk off" plunge. Don't let the headlines or the TV personalities get your positive or negative juices going. Keep your head in charge at all times.

Note: The chart plots the daily index price, the 200-day moving average in gold, the 20% offset from the 1-year high (a conventional measure of a bear market threshold), and the 50% (mid-point) between the April high and the October low.

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Relevant Securities: SPY, IVV, VFINX.

Disclosure: QVM has written far-out-of-the-money PUTs on SPY; and does not have positions in any other mentioned security as of the creation date of this article (October 10, 2011).

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