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New additions:

Alchemy of Trading
focuses on equity trading, mostly from a technical perspective. Stephen
Vita, a professional investor since 1989, posts daily. His methodology?
"I like to focus on the strongest sectors and concentrate my portfolio
holdings; this can increase volatility - making it vital to cut losses
quickly - but also increases the chance for outsize gains."

All Things Financial
was launched in October 2004.  The author, Jeffrey Pritchard, is a
fee-only financial planner who, after seven years in the business
became independent in 2004. The blog covers "pretty much anything that
has to do with personal finance", though his series on Roth IRAs has
been particularly popular. Posts are usually daily.

Capital Ideas is
written by a 23 year old finance/business major called Murray, who now
works as a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company. His blog
"provides a unique view of personal finance from a young adult's
perspective with a focus on practical advice for growing one's net
worth", and covers topics including investing, budgeting, frugal
living, savings, and risk analysis. He posts a few times per week.


  • My T-Note ZN Trading Blog has disappeared.

Thanks to Nick Ravo for discovering the dormant.