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More additions to The Finance Blog Resource Page:

The Peridot Capitalist
was launched in October 2004 by Chad Brand, the founder and president
of Peridot Capital Management LLC, an investment advisor based in St.
Louis. The blog highlights the contrarian investment strategies that
Peridot employs when  managing portfolios for its clients, and contains
observations about individual investments and the broad market. Post
are often daily, usually at least a few times per week.

G's Investing straddles the
border of investing blogs and personal finance blogs. It's author, Jeff
Garzik, is a software engineer with "no real qualifications other than
I haven't lost a ton of money yet". His blog is aimed at inexperienced
or part-time investors, and he says "my friends continually bug me for
advice on how to get into investing, so this is for them (and all the
others on the 'net in the same situation)."