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Latest additions to The Finance Blog Resource Page:

Feld Thougths is written by Brad Feld, a managing director at Mobius Venture Capital
who lives in Boulder, Colorado and Homer, Alaska. Like most VCs, he
writes extensively about his own portfolio companies (that's not
necessarily a bad thing), as well as technology, blogging, and
entrepreneurship. A particular strength are his discussions of venture
capital related issues. He's written a series, for example, on term
sheets, which are must-read articles for any entrepreneur looking for
VC financing. Posts are a little sporadic: sometimes one per day,
sometimes nothing for a week. But if you subscribe via an RSS reader that shouldn't matter.

Stockcoach is a
genuine "blog" - a journal of one person's portfolio, including what
(s)he's buying, total portfolio value, and a candid discussion of
mistakes and successes. The author describes himself as follows: "Armed
with a PhD in Finance and a passion for economics, politics, and
history, Stockcoach manages his own portfolio and provides daily
commentary about the markets and how his portfolio is performing. He invests in smallcap value stocks, and maintains short positions to
hedge market risk. Since he began investing four years ago, Stockcoach
has beaten the market by an average of 5 pecent per month." Posts are
usually daily. Like other users of the Blogger publishing platform
categorization is weak, and that makes it harder to view posts on a
particular stock.