Forbes' Best Of the Web Recommends Seeking Alpha

January 25, 2006

Seeking Alpha 

While this blog used to be written only by David Jackson, a portfolio manager and former Morgan Stanley research analyst, there are now more than 60 contributors, including analysts, financial advisors and even a venture capitalist. How can it be so many people? Because now Seeking Alpha is a network of blogs, such as the JapanStockBlog, UtilityStockBlog and SoundMoneyTips.

Recent posts talked about the possibly irrational negative reaction to Internet company earnings disappointments (InternetStockBlog), highlighted Harley Davidson planning to open a store in China (RetailStockBlog) and offered a transcript of AMD's latest earnings conference call (Seeking Alpha itself). You can search the site by ticker. Or, better yet, go to***, where instead of *s, you put in the ticker for which you want to read blog posts.

BEST: Clearly organized RSS feeds for all of the Seeking Alpha topics, such as gold, telecom, India and ETFs.

WORST: Seeking Alpha appears to be falling victim to annoying comment spam.