New additions to the Finance Blog Resource Page

More additions to The Finance Blog Resource Page:

Charles Z.T.'s Investing Blog has four goals: to identify stocks that have a good chance of outperforming the market, and explain why; to comment on the overall the market; to cover news of particular interest; and to link to useful and interesting investing websites. And, although it only launched in February 2005, it approaches those goals rather well. The focus is on fundamental research of technology and Internet stocks, though other topics are occasionally covered. As for the author's track record, he says: "I prefer to keep my blog anonymous, but I will say that I have a great deal of investment experience and an excellent personal track record in the market."

Anumati News author Mario Grech says that "A lot of the better market blogs on the 'net are very trading and technical analysis focused; this blog offers something different since I'm focused on fundamental analysis, particularly a value investing style. There is a lot of coverage given to "Evil on the Street" -- because, well, there's a lot of evil out there, and it's fun to write about." The Anumati News blog launched in February 2005, but because Mario posts about three times a day there's already a substantial amount of content. Negatives? The posts aren't categorized, and the links in the left-hand bar will be unintelligable to most readers.