New additions to the Finance Blog Resource Page

Three more additions to The Finance Blog Resource Page:

Land of Black Gold
is subtitled "Reflections on oil, peak oil theory, energy in general, and the investment implications", presumably of changes in the oil and broader energy market. It's written by a New York-based programmer by day, amateur investor by night who uses the moniker "mh497". The style is light and readable and the links useful. No categories; post freqency is daily to 3-4 times per week.

Dividend Stock News links to, and quotes information, commentary and updates about dividend-paying stocks, without adding commentary of its own. The primary (anonymous) author describes himself as a part-time investment advisor who works with several ex-fund managers. This is a useful resource for dividend-related information. Posts average two per day. Points for improvement: the categories are too general to be helpful, it's not clear how many or which authors are involved, and sometimes quotes lack correct ascriptions (though original articles are always linked to).

Canadian Capitalist
is the work of by an anonymous software engineer - "Arbee" - from Ottawa, who writes about
saving, debt management and investing based on personal experience.
The investing posts contain Canadian-oriented material (such as funds
that don't trade on the Candadian exchange), but also touch on ETFs and
funds available to U.S investors. In the blogs included so far in this
listing, Canadian Capitalist is the only one specifically targetted at