Another addition to The Finance Blog Resource Page

Latest addition to The Finance Blog Resource Page: a list of the best economics, investing, venture capital and personal finance blogs:

The Asset Allocator's anonymous author says his goal "is not to provide investment advice-- it's to entertain and to make people think. Oh yeah, and to provide some humor." The blog contains poignant and thought-provoking charts, pithy commentary about the economy, market and sectors, and frequent collections of links to interesting articles. Although concise, the posts are infused with a level of intelligence that reflects the author's credentials: an MBA from a top 20 business school, a CFA, and a decade of professional investment experience with a 5-Star Mid Cap Value equity fund and more recently as an Asset Allocation Portfolio Manager. And yes, it's also funny. Launched in January 2005, with posts about once daily.

The Asset Allocator has also been added to the public Bloglines page of feeds from The Finance Blog Resource Page to allow you to track the blogs in one place or import the feeds yourself. Details here.