A finance blog to make you feel better

Does investing get you down? Do you need to get motivated? Then this investing blog is for you! It's the latest addition to The Stock Market, Economics and VC Blog Resource Page. Summon up the motivation to read about it below:

Rule #1 Blog: Phil Town on Investing
covers the investment philosophy, experiences on the speaking circuit
and personal anecdotes of Phil Town, who says he turned a thousand
dollars into a million dollars and eventually grew his portfolio to $20
million. What's Rule #1, you may be thinking? "When investing, aim not
to lose money, as opposed to make money". This principle, claims Mr
Town, comes from Warren Buffett; perhaps he's refering to Buffett's
goal of buying stocks with a margin of safety, ie. at a discount to
their intrinsic value. The blog contains fairly long pieces that will
warm the hearts of self-help book fans. If you're looking for stock
analysis, though, this isn't the place to come, as there's no
discussion of individual stocks. And at times the blog feels like
blatant promotion for Mr Town, his upcoming book and his Get Motivated seminars. In fact, some of the posts are reprints from... Get Motivated Magazine,
which doesn't seem to reach the heights of financial sophistication.
Example: "If you want to find a great stock that is undervalued you
would look
first for specific parameters.  Parameters are just facts about that
company that computers can collect and you can dig out." Bottom line:
read this blog to get a financial hug (or to learn what parameters are), not to improve your investing skills. Launched in February 2005, roughly one post per day.

Rule #1 Blog: Phil Town on Investing has also been added to my public Bloglines page of
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