Contest: Describe Your Best Contrarian Idea For A Chance At Big Prizes

by: SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman


Seeking Alpha is running an investment pitch contest with $5,000 in prizes for contributors.

The theme of this contest is "Company X is my favorite idea that everyone knows, but that no one understands," giving the contest a contrarian focus.

All contributors and readers are eligible to submit an entry. Each participant is allowed only one entry.

Dear Seeking Alpha readers and contributors,

After the success of our first-ever investment pitch contest in March, we've decided to run another contest. We've incorporated feedback from readers and contributors and have made a few changes as a result. I'm really excited about those changes, and about getting another chance to invite all of you to enter and share your ideas.

Here are the details:

This contest's theme is: "Company X is my favorite idea that everyone knows, but that no one understands."

In other words, we're hoping to encourage contrarian thinking while also being sector, market-cap, and long/short agnostic. At the same time, we are still looking for compelling investment ideas, and will be judging articles on that basis.

The other big change we're making is on the prizes. This time, we're going to award 3 articles with prizes, as follows:

  • 1st prize receives $2500 and 3 months of access to SA PRO.
  • 2nd prize receives $1500 and 2 months of access to SA PRO.
  • 3rd prize receives $1000 and 1 month of access to SA PRO.
  • All published entries earn the author 2 weeks of access to SA PRO.

These prizes come on top of whatever standard article payments we make.

The contest rules are:

  • All entries must be exclusive to Seeking Alpha, submitted via our normal article submissions process. Entries to the contest are not guaranteed for publication and must meet our normal standards.
  • The article must be a long or short idea. We will not accept sell (“don’t short it but sell it if you own it”) or hold ideas.
  • Each participant is allowed only one entry.
  • The article can explicitly use the prompt text above ("Company X is my favorite...") either in the article text or the title. This is not required, however.

Winners will be selected by our SA PRO editorial team based on the following criteria:

  • Do you make a clear case for why the market has this stock wrong? Given the theme, this is the key criteria.
  • Are there clear catalysts to drive upside/downside?
  • How is the risk/reward here skewed in investors’ favor?
  • How material is your thesis to the stock’s price?
  • Do you present an original thesis on the stock?
  • How did your article score on reader engagement criteria?

The contest is open to all investors. If you’re already a Seeking Alpha contributor, you know how to submit an article. If this is your first article submission, please click here to register as a contributor and submit an article.

We are accepting entries from today, April 15, 2015 through to 11:59 pm ET, Sunday, May 3, 2015. To enter, please either put a note to editors when submitting the article (on the last page of our submissions process) stating that this is an entry for the SA contrarian contest or email before or after publication. You must either submit the article or email us about your already published article by the May 3rd deadline, and the article must have been published on or after April 15.

The three winners will be announced on Monday, May 11. A contest entry list will be updated throughout the competition.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment stream below, or feel free to contact me directly via direct message. I’m looking forward to seeing your entries and seeing what you all come up with.

Good luck!