Is This A Bear Market Rally?

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Let’s make one thing clear from the outset. Value added by traders and investors during a “bear market rally” is worth just as much as value added during a bull market rally.

The difference is a matter of time frames. A bear market rally is generally a prelude to a subsequent decline that penetrates the prior lows.

Bear market rallies are a dangerous phenomena because they tend to be dramatic affairs that entice investors and traders to go long equities despite a lack of validation by solid fundamental and technical criteria. The decision to buy into such a rally is usually regretted by investors and traders when the market swiftly makes a move towards new lows. After the peak of a bear market rally is reached, the decline is generally so swift that most investors are unable to exit the market at a price higher than their original entry basis.

Thus, the question: Is the rally that commenced on October 4, 2011 a bear market rally?

What Is A Bear Market Rally?

First, we should define a bear market rally. Be advised that you will not find this definition in any trading almanac. This is my own definition. However, I believe that this specification will accord with general understandings of what constitutes a bear market rally.

  • A “bear market” is defined as a general stock market decline in which major stock indices decline by roughly 20% or more, from peak to trough.
  • A bear market rally is a significant general stock market advance (10%-25% from trough to peak) following a bear market decline that fails to capture the previous peak and/or sustain itself over said peak for ten or more consecutive trading days.
  • The requirement to recapture the previous peak is relaxed if the prior decline was particularly steep – specifically 25% or

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