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The latest addition to The Personal Finance Blog Resource Page:

Savvy Saver
is written by "frugalgirl" a 26 year old who is working to achieve
financial security. She recently started tracking her financial growth
and thought that "a blog would be a good way to journal about my
learnings and occasionally rant". Her motto is "personal prosperity
depends not on how much money you make, but on how much money you
keep". She tries to be both frugal and financially savvy, keeping and
saving as much money as possible, without sacrificing any of the things
that make life fun. Some frugal habits include shopping at thrift
stores, garages sales, consignment shops, and estate sales. Topics
include personal finance tips relating to retirement, home equity,
credit card deals, investing, and her upcoming wedding! Frugalgirl
launched Savvy Saver in December 2004 and posts approximately twice a