The Radical Guide to Investing, with comments

One of the revolutionary side-effects of blogging is the transformation of publishing from monologs to dialogs, due to the "comment" feature now prevalent in blogging software. Being able to respond to articles in real time is now taken for granted on blogs. But what if that was also true of books?

When I left my job as a sell-side analyst in early 2003, the first thing I wrote was a series of articles about investing. They later became a short book - A Better Way to Invest - freely available on the Web. I received tons of emails in response, but I always wondered what people would say if they could comment on a page-by-page basis. Now it's time to find out. I've moved the book to a new web site with the comment feature turned on, and renamed it The Radical Guide to Investing. I'm looking forward to comments from professional and retail investors, which should enhance its value for everyone.

You can view the entire table of contents of The Radical Guide to Investing here, and a one page summary of the book (with links to the individual chapters) here.

I've put four other "guides" on the new web site as well: The Radical Guide to Bonds, The Radical Guide to  Online Bond Investing, The Radical Guide to Credit Cards, and The Radical Travel Guide to Beijing. All of them have the comment feature turned on.

Have a wonderful weekend!