Business Week's VC blog - Deal Flow

The latest addition to The VC Blog Resource Page, Business Week's Deal Flow, marks the adoption of the blog format by mainstream financial publications. (The Wall Street Journal also has an economics blog.) Details, and why this is signficant:

Deal Flow is Business Week Online's venture capital blog, produced by staff writers Sarah Lacy and Justin Hibbard.
Because this blog is written by journalists rather than VCs it has a
markedly different tone and style from most of the other blogs in this
list. The blog format certainly adds to Business Week's coverage of the
VC industry. It gives readers a sense of the preparation and research
that goes into the more formal articles in Business Week itself, and it
provides greater exposure to the individual journalists as it has a
more personal tone. Most important, it allows readers to comment. Don't
underestimate the importance of this type of blog: the adoption of
blogs by respected financial publications shows that the blog format is
impacting mainstream journalism.

Deal Flow has also been added to the public Bloglines page of
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