Sonus Acquires Zynetix, Providing Scale Up Framework

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I see that Zynetix has been acquired by VoIP and softswitch specialist Sonus Networks. I've known Zynetix for several years - the company has some interesting bits of GSM infrastructure used to connect picocells via IP into miniaturized cellular network elements, especially small MSCs. It's used these in a variety of niche contexts such as on-ship cellular deployments, network fill-in for remote areas and various military applications, as well as having a pitch for connecting up PBXs to cellular in the enterprise.

Sonus should provide the company with a framework to scale up more fully than it could have done on its own, especially given the continued noise around femtos, many of which are designed with VoIP "coming out the back" and look essentially like VoIP phones to the rest of the network. However, while femtos are currently the "sexiest" part of the wireless access arena, it's their bigger brothers picos that have more current real-world sales (and shipments).

Typically servicing 10-30 users and costing $1000+ (vs. maybe 4 users / $200 for femtos), there's definitely some interesting use cases that Sonus' scale, channels and VoIP focus should help address.

Congratulations to Ian, Andy & co. in Twickenham.

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