NIVI - Making smart people smarter

The latest addition to The VC Blog Resource Page:

is written by Babak Nivi, a consultant to Boston-based Atlas Ventures
and previously with Seed Capital Partners, a $60M early-stage Softbank
affiliate fund. It focuses on venture capital, entrepreneurship, and
business, but Nivi "will write about anything that I think is truly
innovative; I really enjoy finding the newest and best ideas and
presenting them". The result is that NIVI reads like a cross between a
venture capital blog and a technology blog. He writes about the
business of starting and funding companies, but it has less pomposity
("here's my advice...") than many VC partner blogs; and it has the
sense of excitement of someone intoxicated with technology. It's
particularly strong on Internet tech, and also has a tab that links to
the author's page of selected and briefly annotated
bookmarks. The blog was launched in April 2005, but picked up from one
started in 2003. Post are a few times a week.

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