Newmark's Door added to the resource page of economics blogs

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Newmark's Door
is written by Craig Newmark, Associate Professor of Economics at North
Carolina State University. The blog's tagline is "Things one
middle-aged economist finds interesting". In practice, says Prof
Newmark, that means "posts on cars, music, film, sports, food, health,
and computers, among other topics". "That said," he continues, "most of
the posts deal with current events, with a particular interest in
economics. Also, since I'm a university teacher married to a high
school teacher, and we have two kids, I'm quite interested in education
and there are a fair number of posts about that. My slant is
politically and economically conservative." Newmark's Door is
distinguished by a pithy, conversational style, short posts, sharp
insights and lots of interesting links. Another academic economics
blogger recommended it for inclusion in the Economics Blog Resource
Page on the basis that it's "short and lively". He's right. Launched in
April 2002, with posts daily.

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