Positioning For 2012: Guide To The Series

by: SA Editors

As investors look towards 2012, there are many difficult issues facing markets and the world economy. On a global level, the unfolding crisis in the eurozone, continuing unrest in the Middle East, slowing Chinese growth and a host of other issues threaten to further derail markets in the coming year - or at the very least keep them in a state of heightened volatility. In the U.S., the upcoming presidential race, high unemployment and spiraling debt have left markets mired in uncertainty, with more of the same sure to follow.

Here at Seeking Alpha we recognize just how difficult it is for investors to construct intelligent portfolios against the current market backdrop and we'd like to do our part to help. Since the beginning of December, we've been talking with top financial professionals - Portfolio Managers, RIAs and Wealth Managers - to see how they plan to position client portfolios in the coming year.

Each interview subject brings their own unique investing philosophy, backed by years of real world experience, to tackle a range of macroeconomic and geopolitical issues likely to weigh on markets in the coming year and beyond. We've asked them to be as detailed as possible, referencing the specific stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds they plan to use to position their clients. The result is an interview series that is equal parts high-minded theory and practical portfolio advice.

Here's wishing all of our readers a happy and successful new year.

Below you will find the series in chronological order, with new articles added as soon as they appear on the site. We hope you enjoy.

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