Sector Screened Stocks: Utilities

Includes: EQT, HE
by: Brad Kenagy

This article will be the Final article in a series where I look for stocks I think will do well this upcoming year. In this article I am focusing on Utilities stocks and to screen for them I will use the same criteria that I used in a previous article of mine for finding stocks in the financial sector. Because there was only one stock that matched my criteria and I wanted at least two, I had to slightly modify my criteria. The difference between the criteria I used to search for financial stocks and utilities was I eliminated the price-to-book criteria, and lowered the dividend yield from 3% to 1%.

For my search I used the free stock screener from and used the following screener settings:

  1. I selected only stocks in the Conglomerates category.
  2. Companies with a market capitalization of $2 Billion or greater.
  3. A PEG (Price/Earnings to Growth ratio) of less than 2.
  4. Positive Return on Assets.
  5. Positive Return on Equity.
  6. Positive EPS growth this year.
  7. Positive EPS growth quarter over quarter.
  8. Positive Sales growth this year.
  9. Positive Sales growth quarter over quarter.
  10. Long Term debt/Equity ratio of less than 1.
  11. Dividend Yield of greater than 1%.

Two companies met all of the above criteria, and they are listed below with a short business summary, PE ratio, and dividend yield from Yahoo Finance, and 1-year performance from

EQT Corporation Common Stock (NYSE:EQT)

EQT Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, operates as an integrated energy company in the United States. EQT Corporation has a PE of 15.75 and a dividend yield of 1.80%.

1 Year Performance: +5.15%

Hawaiian Electric Industries, I (NYSE:HE)

Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc., through its subsidiaries, primarily engages in electric utility and banking businesses primarily in Hawaii.Hawaiian Electric has a PE of 19.05 and a dividend yield of 4.80%.

1 Year Performance: +9.86%

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

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