Movers And Shakers In This Week's Market

by: StockMatusow

Below are a few stocks I believe might be on the move this week. I give some basic fundamental reasons, along with basic chart technicals, to show why I like these stocks for shakers and movers this week.

Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU)

Consumer spending is up, and demand on IC and memory chips is rising. MU was beaten up in 2011 on less than expected earnings, but I expect earnings to be better in 2012.

Recently the Micron share price jumped up nicely following the announcement of the merger between its competitors, Elpida Memory and Toshiba Corp. The merger should lead to an improvement in DRAM pricing and should help the DRAM market improve on its current fundamentals. Micron should see the benefits of this in 2012.

The chart supports the fundamental view on Micron showing multiple pennants in an ascending triangle pattern. Based on the above factors, it is my opinion that MU is good for swing trade up to 8.25, and might be good for a longer-term hold.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)

Intel is just rolling out its X79 chipset and next-generation Core i7 Sandy Bridge Six-Core processors. I expect these products to do very well for Intel, as I see consumer spending picking up in tech items for 2012. These next-generation computer chips also have onboard video, and motherboard companies such as Asus and Gigabyte are offering further improvements in their motherboards to better support this new platform. Early bench mark tests indicate the new X79, coupled with the new Sandy Bridge processors, offer a significant improvement in performance over the last generation of Intel Sandy Bridge processors.

Looking at the Intel chart, It is my opinion a pullback in pps this week to around $25.50 is possible before heading upwards over $30. You might want to consider an entry point around this level. The Intel chart has been very bullish as of late, showing an ascending triangle chart pattern.

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO)

Analysts at Auriga last Tuesday upgraded Cisco shares rating 10% CAGR over the next five years, and raised estimates for FY12/FY13. They are expecting Cisco to gain market share in multiple segments like switches, routers, set-top boxes and servers. Auriga slapped a price target of $24 a share on Cisco, and investors have taken notice in the form of a steady pps rise over the last week.

How far Cisco can rise this year will depend on both its margins remaining good and gaining more market share in the segments mentioned above. Also, a rise in consumer spending should help Cisco with its home and small office line of routers, switches, and hubs, which are currently sold and branded under Linksys.

Traders as well look for this type of catalyst for potential stock momentum, which has also been helping the pps move upwards. I believe a move to over $19 this week will occur on heels of this fundamental upgrade. The chart seems to be bullish as well, showing a tight ascending triangle pattern with pennants and accumulation.


As Intel continues to grab more market share in the desktop PC chip world, Nvidia is certain to lose more of this market share. The latest Intel processor with onboard video has put a dent on Nvidia's PC video card business, along with the growing market share of Advanced Micro Devices' (NASDAQ:AMD) Radeon series of video cards.

The chart clearly shows this as Nvidia has been in a downtrend channel since March of last year. The chart also shows a slight down wedge pattern beginning to form. In my opinion, Nvidia will drop down in price to around $14 this week. There is some hope for Nvidia moving forward as it enters the mobile market, but competition is stronger, so expect margins to decrease over time.

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:SPPI)

Spectrum Pharma has a ton of good fundamentals going for it, which I write about in my article here. In its last trading session on 1/27, the pps bounced from a session low of $13.77 to close at $13.99. In my opinion, It looks like the shorts have begun to cover, and I expect a short cover rally this week to move the pps to around $15, possibly higher.

Spectrum is one of the few bio-pharmas in its price range that actually shows positive ROA and ROE, with a good revenue flow and profit. Not only do I like Spectrum for this week, I like it for the long term as well. The Spectrum chart looks bullish, with a possible forming reverse head and shoulders pattern in a longer up trend ascending triangle pattern. It appears the technical's match the fundamentals with Spectrum.

Questcor Pharmaceuticals (QCOR) issued a rather critical report on Questcor last week. Prior to this report, Streetsweeper revealed it was holding a large short position at around $41. After reading the 2 part report, it became apparent to me that it was full of innuendo without a basis in fact. It appears the market felt the same way, and has rallied behind Questcore.

This should serve as a reminder to anyone who might not understand how the market works; it is about earnings over everything else. The only time investors and traders would be concerned with a critical report about a company would be if the report shows a clear company illegal wrong doing, which could trigger possible legal action, which in turn could effect a company's bottom line.

I have been hearing some talk around the Street that Streetsweeper has a less than stellar reputation, with possible misconduct on the behalf of some of those associated with the company. If I were holding a short position, as Streesweeper claims it is, I would cover it. The MACD is starting to trend upwards towards the zero line, and a symmetrical triangle seems to be forming. A possible breakout might be coming to take the pps north of $39 this week. For a more in depth opinion of QCOR, please read my article here.

Acorda Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ACOR)

As I mentioned in my prior article about Acorda, I expected the pps to test the 200 DMA before moving upwards to set a new 52 week high. It has since tested the 200 DMA on 1/20, 1/23, and 1/24, and bounced nicely from it.

I fully expect Acorda to fulfill the second part of my prediction as I see a strong ascending triangle formation set up from a reverse head and shoulders pattern that has continued to show up on the chart since September 2011. In my opinion, $29 looks like a good bet this week for Acorda.

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ARIA)

I really like this company a lot for a strong speculation investment, as I mention In my article here. Ariad has a very impressive pipeline of Onocological drugs that have the potential to do a lot of good for many people who suffer from various cancers. The company is well managed and well positioned to be a major player in the Onocological drug market. Ariad is one of many companies that is rumored to be an acquisition target for mega-pharmas like Bristol-Meyers (NYSE:BMY), which recently bought Inhibitex (NASDAQ:INHX) for $2.5 billion. Dr. Harvey Burger, Ariad's CEO, has indicated in the past that he would not take less than $50 a share for Ariad. Either he is really greedy, or he really believes in his company and its drug pipeline.

The Ariad chart shows a very strong ascending triangle pattern on good volume, which is bullish. After just about every down trading session Ariad experiences, it rebounds to a higher high the next trading session. Ariad could be the next Dendreon (NASDAQ:DNDN) in terms of making huge upward daily moves. In my opinion, $16 this week is certainly not out of the question here.

Antares Pharma (AIS)

Antares has gained back all of the prior loss in pps it suffered when Biosante's (BPAX) Libigel failed to show it was more effective than a placebo in its phase 3 efficacy data. Antares formulated and licensed Libigel to Biosante for the purpose of increasing testosterone in postmenopausal women. To that end, Libigel was a success in meeting it's clinical data endpoint.

The fact Antares dropped to under $1.60 and has come back to where it is now, currently $2.46 a share, shows that investors have been doing the deeper due diligence on Antares. Antares is currently working on its VIBEX MTX platform, which should come to market in 2014, possibly a bit earlier. I will be doing an in-depth write up on VIBEX MTX this week, so stay tuned! For more fundamental information on Antares, check out my article here.

The Antares chart is showing accumulation with increasing volume in a symmetrical triangle pattern with multiple pennants. In my opinion, Antares will likely see the $2.60 range this week.

Good luck with all your trades and investments, and always remember to do your own strong due diligence.

Disclosure: I am long AIS, ARIA.