Interactive Q&A: Dick Costolo, Co-Founder and CEO of FeedBurner

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by: SA Editors

This is the latest in the Seeking Alpha series of interviews with leading companies of interest to our readers. These, however, are interviews with a twist: the executive has agreed to answer questions and respond to comments not from a single interviewer, but rather from our community of readers and contributors.

feedburnerThis interactive Q&A is with Dick Costolo, Co-Founder and CEO of FeedBurner, the privately-held news feed and readership management provider. FeedBurner has sponsored this interview, which works like this:

  • Dick briefly introduces himself and the issues he's focused on below.
  • Readers and contributors can immediately start to post questions and remarks using the comment box below (Note: you need to sign up for free registration and be logged in to do so).
  • Seeking Alpha editors will not filter or edit the questions and comments from readers, except to delete profane or hostile language.
  • Dick will respond to the questions and remarks beginning Wednesday, April 25th. Readers can track his answers and respond to them during that period, with the resulting dialogue remaining on the site.

Yahoo Finance readers may join the Q&A by following this link.

Over to Dick:

dick costoloHi - I'm Dick Costolo, author of "Rice Pudding: Fact or Fiction" and more recently cofounder/CEO of FeedBurner, the leading platform for media distribution and audience engagement services. We provide online publishers and marketers with services to help them distribute content feeds and measure their influence on the Web while engaging and building an audience. Our customers run the gamut - from Reuters and Dow Jones to top blogs, podcasts and other gamut-running properties.

I'm looking forward to answering any questions you might have about media fragmentation and distribution, advertising strategies for new media, RSS and blogs. I also author a blog called Ask the Wizard, where I provide a rambling yet enthusiastic third-person account of entrepreneurship and building a company from the ground up.

I'm happy to discuss a range of topics with Seeking Alpha readers, including:

  • Growth trends for distributed content and its disruption on traditional media channels and strategies
  • Monetization strategies that work (and don't work) for various types of online content producers
  • The future of media on the Intertubes
  • Start-up lessons learned