Diddley Bo Collins Is Acting Up

by: Greg Newton

Business Week’s Matt Goldstein reported yesterday that Bo Collins, last seen winding down his MotherRock energy hedge fund after its mid-2006 blow-up, is now raising money for a “second act” called 1618 [UPDATE: Bloomberg says 1.618. Whatever] Group, apparently an allusion to the so-called Golden Ratio.

Second act? I’m counting four. And none of them, from this perch, worth anything close to the price of admission:

1. Head of natural gas trading for El Paso.
2. President, New York Mercantile Exchange.
3. Founder, and frontispiece, MotherRock.
4. 1618 Group.

Will Bo Collins' Second Act Be Golden? (No. Ed)
by Matthew Goldstein
Business Week Apr. 26 2007

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