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by: BioBlogger

Michael Mauboussin, Chief Strategist at Legg Mason, in his May 2004 report, Decision-Making for Investors, stated:

Perhaps the single greatest error in the investment business is a failure to distinguish between knowledge of a company’s fundamentals and the expectations implied by the stock price.

This challenge is nowhere greater than in the biotechnology sector. The goal of The Biotech Stock Blog is to provide unique insight and promote debate on developments in the biotech sector to help you, the reader, bridge this gap between reality and expectation.

Achieving this goal will require the collective intelligence of our readers; I therefore encourage you to not only read the blog, but also to interact by sharing your perspectives and ideas. Just leave a comment below any post, or drop me an email.

Good luck in your biotech investing, and, again, your comments are always welcome.

-Eric Muse

Editor Bio:
Eric Muse has been a research analyst and trader specializing in healthcare for the past nine years. On June 1st, he will launch a hedge fund, Periscope Capital Management, which will focus on investments in the healthcare sector. Most recently, he was the Head Trader and analyst at Kilkenny Capital Management, a hedge fund focused on biomedical companies. Previously, Eric worked at Citadel Investment Group where he specialized in private investments in healthcare companies. He has a B.A. in Chemistry and Anthropology from California State University, Fresno and an M.S. in Biotechnology from Northwestern University.