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My personal thesis is that most of this week's strength in price and increased volume (large blocks at the ask taken out) are explained in the new Investor's Presentation on the HIMX site and as given at the Brean Capital and Credit Suisse conferences last week.

Recall also that HIMX conducted one-on-one meetings with analysts...and Credit Suisse upgraded HIMX.

What I suspect is that the analysts see that 4Q 2015 guidance will probably be higher than the $175 million and $0.03/share EPS average shown on the Yahoo Analyst Estimates page and the larger funds are getting in as they got a bit more clarity on the 'opportunities' as shown in the presentation and further discussed with HIMX in their 'one-on-one' meetings with HIMX mgmt.

Furthermore, I suspect that the 4Q 2015 estimates do not include any meaningful new products (LCOS, AMEOLD drivers, Autos, etc.) as the analysts calculated their 4Q 2015 estimates primarily on existing product lines/sales as several have talked about not including these until the high tech products are 'announced'. And, note that these 4Q 2015 estimates are not from HIMX who only gave 3Q 2015 guidance at the 2Q CC.

But, think about it...those 200 new employees were hired for a reason and have to be doing something. The timing of HMD products, even if in early 2016, have to include manufacturing and sales ahead of product launches...and the launches have to have lots of products for pent up sales, early adopters,,,,,,and then even inventory.

Again, go through the new presentation and read the growth opportunities as I expect we will see TDDI's and AMEOLD sales fairly soon...followed by LCOS and TCON's while CMOS and large drivers continue to ramp nicely.

If you read the new presentation, you will note:

+ Slide 17 says:
= Sales tripled in 2012 & almost tripled again in 2014 due to growing market share in discrete touch
= Secured several key on-cell design-wins to MP in 3Q15
= TDDI pure in-cell solution ready for production 2H15 and to generate meaningful volume in 2016 as early mover.
==== Close partnerships with essentially all of the leading panel manufacturers, module houses, and OEMs

+ Slide 15 says:
= Leverage new design win with a new leading customer in China
= Accelerate AMOLED DDICs shipments in Q4 and secure new customers
= Firmly position company in automotive space (earlier says automotive is the new growth engine)

+ Slide 16 says:
= Continue close collaboration with Google on next generation Google Glass
= LCOS technology recognized as most superior to other competing technologies in HMD and HUD
= Higher gross margin than company average without much increase of OPEX
= Continue to gain new project engagements with tier 1 customers
= Expect to hit inflection point in 2015

+ Slide 18 says:
= CMOS Sales in 2014 nearly doubled, highest revenue contributor in non-driver product group
=== Entered automotive BM/AM markets

• WLO application includes light-field camera, array camera, and dual color LED in flash
= In-house know-how and facilities
= Anticipate inflection point in 2015 to gear up for mass pilot production shipments for HMD light guide

The two uses of "inflection point in 2015" were with LCOS and CMOS/WLO's. And, I think they use this deliberately rather than "ramping up" due to the extreme increases in unit volume expected.

And, 1Q 2016 should be even better followed by 2Q 2016 and on.....
Mebbe he's wrong... But that's what he said. Importstuff
It's going up relatively quietly because the CEO said in the last earnings interview that an inflection point for revenue is coming in the fourth quarter because of "universal" adoption of product associated with virtual reality. This is not speculation...he said it . Importstuff
Is this going up because of a new Glass attempt by Google
Cawkexchangex profile picture
trying to figure out why as well. I sold some shares today
From a stock action perspective, it was quite encouraging to see it hold and slowly drift higher as the mayhem subsided at the end of last week. If there was a time for the stock to get pushed back down, it would have been during the massive plunge when they literally sold everything.

I added another 1/4 position around $6.40 and am ready for it to continue to drift higher. I've got one remaining 1/4 position I will add when it's clear that the stock will see $9.00+ before it sees $5.89 again. If everything goes according to plan, the holidays should be very HAPPY this year.
Sorry for basically duplicate post. I didn't think the first reply got posted.
It's the CEO talking. He did not use tentative language at all. He point blank used both of those very strong terms. And he's literally spending millions increasing capacity right now. He definitely believes he has new customers for their new product. Only question is how much volume. Oculus (Facebook) must be one of those "universal" customers-they'll start delivering ,Zuck said, in the 1st quarter...hence they order product and start making their product in Q4. That's the "inflection point" that Himax's CEO is talking about."

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I think you are mixing up opportunities. If Himax has anything in Oculus (a big if) it is a timing controller. Himax outsources production of TCONs to fab houses. The only thing they produce in house is LCOS and WLO, so the increase in production capability would be for Hololens or GG.
Himax had a TCON in the first prototype of Oculus, but that is when it used an LCD. The new Oculus has AMOLED displays, and Himax is just getting into that technology, so Oculus may not be using Himax TCONs. I hope they do, but we don't know.
It was the CEO who used the unequivocal expression "universal." If The CEO is right, Occulus (Facebook) must be in that universe... since Zuck said in his earnings report forQ2 that Occulus will start shipping VR product in Q1 of 2016. To deliver in Q1, Facebook must produce product during Q4. Occulus orders are going to cause that inflection point in Q4, I hope. Remember "Himax" also made a big deal about how much they are expanding production right now. I've been long with a few shares for quite awhile. I got very long (more shares) after listening to Zuck's time line and listening to Himax's timeline. "Universal" and "inflection point" fit .
"inflection point" and "universally adopted" will both be catalysts when/if they become reality.
The key remark by Vu in the earnings report was that he believes there will be an inflection point in sales of product associated with VR and AR in the 4th quarter and that Himax's products for these devices will be UNIVERSALLY adopted by the oem.
I agree. Poorly written article. As I read much of it I thought it might be directed at someone who had never heard of HIMX before: So much of this stuff is really old news and has been known for several years. What do some people here think they automatically have to praise anyone who writes an article? At one point the author says "poor drivers". I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say. Does he mean the drivers weren't performing well? I had to go to several sentences before to learn he was talking about poor sales. Of course, there are many questionable things said in this article. I can't find anything new written here. If u can't write a better article than this why write one at all?
How do u come up with a 8.5% divvy?
I'm buying tomorrow $ 6.09 or lower sounds good, also 8.5% div..............
I have been saying right along about the games being played with stock. Don't forget how Bank of America touted HIMX as one of its top picks for 2015, and then a few weeks later put a sell rating on it. In my opinion, even if the short term picture wasn't all that great, why make negative comments on a company you were so bullish about. It just seems very strange about the attention, good or bad, that surrounds HIMX. I am no market expert, just a concerned investor, and these are just opinions I have about the ups and downs of this company.
NT ... good point on that I forgot to include that in my post above. Anyone following HIMX knows the BS games being played by Jay at
Chardan there ratings have the trajectory of a Ping pong ball and the frequency of monthly electrical bill
You lost me entirely with "What is also noteworthy is the positive outlook of the analysts such as Chardan Capital Market." You don't seem to have been following this name very long.
Tanks for your article; however, I have a few comments:

1. To call HIMX a giant semi company is one hell of a stretch, either by market cap or shear sales; they are not even in the top 15.

2. I have listened to the CEOs calls and I would hardly call him enthusiastic in his delivery of any information; he is in great need of a PR coach in my opinion.

3. And as pointed out up-thread, the CEOs guidance does not jive with the numbers u posted.
Great article, thank you!
tromur profile picture
Terribly written. Long Himx.
Easy to post trash on comments in a 2 liner ... care to write something debunking the flaws in this thesis and enlighten us? no. I though so
tromur profile picture
I think you misunderstand. My comment is to the article, not anyone's comment. The article is written terribly. Very amateur. Don't know where he got some of the figures from. Spelling errors as already pointed out.

But I am long HIMX. Nothing to debunk. I agree 4K is going to take longer to adopt, but now is a great time to start a position or to add to ones position. LCOS and the surrounding media attention, Occulus Rift, GG2, HoloLens are upcoming catalysts. Plus HIMX is a great run solid compmany with a good Dividend for long term holders. Good time to start a position or add at these prices, plus I can't see price going much below $6 from a technical standpoint. But I don't find much new information here in this poorly written article. It's like the author summed up some info everyone who is long HIMX already knows, but he left off some of the upcoming catalyst surrounding VR and AR.

Also when I am replying to someone else's comments, i do so by replying to their comments specifically, as everyone should.

So like I said: Poorly written, but I am LONG HIMX.
Stephan Botzki profile picture
There are a lot of flaws in this article. I don't know how people can say "Bravo--very well done!" or "very nice article. facts and logical reasoning" .

Here is an example:
"It is expected that earnings for the currency quarter will be between 1 cent and 1.6 cents per diluted share versus analysts' expectations for 7 cents per share during the period."

currency quarter? I'm pretty sure you mean CURRENT quarter. Additionally as of their Q3 guidance they actually guid a LOSS and other numbers then you mention here. As of their Q2 report:

"Provides Third Quarter 2015 Guidance Revenue to Decline 5% to 9% Sequentially,
Gross Margin to Decline about 1.5% and GAAP Loss per ADS to be 1.5 to 0.9 cents"

I don't know where you got your numbers from.

Here you write "Himax produces small and medium sized display drivers. The small drivers are used for smartphones and tablets, and the medium sized ones are used for LCD and the fine detailed 4K televisions."

So if 4K TV's use medium panel drivers, what is large panel drivers market? Cinemas? Large panel drivers are for 4K TV's and medium panel drivers are used in Laptops big smartphones and tablets.

Example out of their Q2 report:

"The other segment in the Company’s driver business are ICs used in small and medium-sized panels for
applications including smartphones, tablets and automotive"

This is just the obvious stuff, I'm sure their are more flaws but I don't want to take more time now.

I'm long Himax since summer 2014. Please do more and more accurate research next time you write an article.
Cawkexchangex profile picture
You ripped him apart! WE NEED MORE TRUTH!
Disagree with this article? Submit your own. To report a factual error in this article, . Your feedback matters to us!

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