Seeking Hong Kong Listed Magic Formula Stocks

by: The Value Pendulum


I apply Joel Greenblatt's Magic Formula concept to Hong Kong listed stocks.

I provide a list of the top 30 Hong Kong Magic Formula stocks, following a review of 900 stocks that have positive operating income, invested capital and enterprise value.

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Background On The Magic Formula

The Magic Formula was first conceptualized by famed investor Joel Greenblatt in his 2005 book "The Little Book that Beats the Market." The Magic Formula's basic premise is that buying good companies at bargain prices makes sense and delivers market beating investment returns. Using a quantitative screen, good companies are identified by their high profitability in terms of ROC, ROIC or ROA; while bargain prices refers to stocks trading at either low EV/EBIT or low P/E ratios (equivalent to high earnings yields). In his book, Joel claims that back testing the Magic Formula returned 30.8% per annum from 1988 to 2004, compared with a market average and S&P500 return of 12.3% and 12.4% respectively. While some have contested his claims to varying degrees, but alternative studies confirm the presence of significant alpha, albeit to a lesser extent.

Modifications To The Magic Formula

I make two key modifications to Joel Greenblatt's The Magic Formula.

Firstly, I use operating income (revenue minus operating expenses, calculated from the top of the profit & loss statement), instead of EBIT, in my calculation of earnings yield (operating income/enterprise value). This is inspired by Tobias Carlisle who blogs at, is the founder and managing director of Eyquem Investment Management LLC, and is the author of "Deep Value: Why Activist Investors and Other Contrarians Battle for Control of Losing Corporations." Tobias explains on his website, The Acquirer's Multiple, that "calculating operating earnings from the top down standardizes the metric, making a comparison across companies, industries and sectors possible, and, by excluding special items-earnings that a company does not expect to recur in future years-ensures that these earnings are related only to operations." EBIT, when it is calculated from the bottom of the profit & loss statement by adding back interest and taxes to net profit, is more likely to be "noisy" and obscured by one-offs.

Secondly, I consider all companies with return on capital (NYSE:ROC) greater than 100% to be equally ranked on ROC. In John Mihaljevic's book "The Manual of Ideas: The Proven Framework for Finding the Best Value," John makes several suggestions on improving The Magic Formula. One of these was introducing "an arbitrary hurdle, above which we would consider all companies tied from the perspective of returns on capital," as he wondered "whether it was meaningful to rank a company with a 5,100 percent return on capital employed ahead of a company with a 5,000 percent or, for that matter, 1,000 percent return on capital." Companies with such high returns on capital are typically asset-light companies like consulting firms that do not utilize tangible assets on their balance sheet to generate income. As a result, it is not meaningful to rank one capital-light firm over another one based on returns on tangible assets.

There are other suggested modifications to The Magic Formula that i have come across, which I do not agree with. One example is the use of forward earnings in the calculation of earnings yield and ROC for The Magic Formula. One negative is that forward earnings are based on analysts' estimates, which are subjected to various biased. Another negative is that using forward earnings for The Magic Formula will exclude a significant number of stocks not covered by sell-side analysts (hence the absence of forward earnings).

List Of Hong Kong Magic Formula Stocks

Among more than 1,700 stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, approximately 900 of them have positive operating income, invested capital and enterprise value, which I ranked them based on EV/operating income and ROC. I calculate ROC as trailing twelve months operating income divided by the sum of net working capital and net property, plant & equipment.

The list of the top 30 Hong Kong listed stocks as ranked by The Magic Formula are as follows (Subscribers to my Asia/U.S. Deep-Value Wide-Moat Stocks exclusive research service get access to the list of the top 100 Hong Kong Magic Formula stocks):

Symbol Company Market Capitalization (HK$ million) Earnings Yield ROIC
HKG:8100 GET Holdings Ltd 301 141.0% 216.5%
HKG:635 Playmates Holdings Limited (OTCPK:PYHOF) 1,992 74.4% 836.0%
HKG:869 Playmates Toys Limited (OTCPK:PMTYF) 1,685 72.1% 329.1%
HKG:878 Soundwill Holdings Limited (OTCPK:SDWHF) 3,031 42.6% 182.4%
HKG:703 Future Bright Holdings Ltd (OTC:FTRHF) 653 41.5% 152.4%
HKG:2229 Changgang Dunxin Enterprise Co Ltd 524 897.0% 69.6%
HKG:153 China Saite Group Co Ltd 1,646 46.3% 77.3%
HKG:623 SinoMedia Holding Ltd. 1,365 36.3% 114.6%
HKG:221 PNG Resources Holdings Ltd 543 124.2% 67.1%
HKG:176 United Pacific Industries Limited 766 34.8% 710.4%
HKG:2341 EcoGreen International Group Ltd 833 41.0% 76.1%
HKG:687 Tysan Holdings Limited 2,991 37.0% 81.4%
HKG:70 Neptune Group Ltd (OTC:NPGPF) 411 34.2% 86.9%
HKG:2399 China Fordoo Holdings Ltd 1,274 37.0% 75.7%
HKG:864 Wing Lee Property Investments Ltd 417 29.5% 102.3%
HKG:1443 Fulum Group Holdings Ltd 1,443 26.9% 293.7%
HKG:1263 PC Partner Group Ltd 288 26.8% 112.8%
HKG:410 SOHO China Ltd (OTCPK:SOHOF) 15,980 26.1% 108.4%
HKG:336 Huabao International Holdings (OTCPK:HUIHY) 9,413 34.9% 72.0%
HKG:896 Hanison Construction Holdings Ltd. 1,143 31.9% 75.5%
HKG:884 CIFI Holdings (Group) Co Ltd 7,861 25.6% 113.6%
HKG:2300 AMVIG Holdings Limited (OTCPK:AMVGF) 3,010 23.9% 126.1%
HKG:273 Mason Financial Holdings Ltd 3,319 32.8% 65.4%
HKG:2010 Real Nutriceutical Group Ltd 2,004 69.4% 51.5%
HKG:2228 CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group Ltd 2,514 23.6% 86.5%
HKG:1181 Tang Palace (China) Holdings Ltd 549 25.4% 73.2%
HKG:382 Welling Holding Limited (OTC:WLLHY) 3,694 44.5% 51.5%
HKG:1235 Travel Expert (Asia) Enterprises Ltd 452 20.0% 107.0%
HKG:1678 China Creative Home Group Ltd 1,827 39.2% 49.5%
HKG:752 Pico Far East Holdings Limited 2,684 19.7% 162.0%

I have also written about Magic Formula stock, Dynam Japan Holdings Co. Ltd. (OTC:DJPHF) (HKG:6889), a Hong Kong-listed, Japanese pachinko hall operator, on Seeking Alpha here. Dynam Japan is currently ranked 223 on the list of Hong Kong Magic Formula. It used to be ranked higher at the point of my article, but its ROC declined (and its Magic Formula ranking suffered) following the release of its interim results.

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