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Don't worry about Hillary, when a drug company like Gilead can cure a life threatining disease, the cost of the cure is out weighed by the results.

When they find a cure for cancer, the cost will be initially high but eventually drop because of the large number of patients with cancer around the world.

With the drugs that affect fewer numbers of the world population, the cost have to remain high in order to pay for other acqusitions and R&D needed to find cures for other diseases. CANCER--the big question ? Who will find the cure for CANCER? Will it be Gilead or some other BIO?

The bottom line and the answer is, it will be R&D and acquisitions that cure CANCER, and R&D and acquisitions cost money, Billions of dollars. And that means higher drug prices to finance other disease cures like CANCER, regardless of what Hillary thinks.

Congress will not allow the progress of finding cures for other diseases to be slowed by Hillary, and that's if she is even elected in the first place. Now if congress is going to subsidise drug cost, then that's another idea all together.
Gileads management shouldn't wait too long to aquire because they may find themselves being aquired instead. 24 Billion in cash is a very attractive asset.

Gilead needs to put the recently borrowed 10 BILLION dollars to use as management is paying intrest on the deposited money which is just sitting there.

GILD stock like Apple stock, is so, so, so cheap right now.

I agree with many of the other posters, Gilead reminds me of Apple, Gilead like Apple actually makes money , tons of money compared to it's competitors.

Yet both Gilead and Apple stock shares remain extremely under priced, compared to their competitors and others in their respective sectors.

It's a pretty sick US stock market when trash stocks are rewarded and stock shares of good companies like Gilead and Apple are not.
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>> Does it make sense to buy out ACHN to eliminate a potent threat in this space? <<

If GILD was going to acquire ACHN the time to act was before JNJ partnered with ACHN for its HCV molecules.
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Does it make sense to buy out ACHN to eliminate a potent threat in this space?
I would like to know what the number of HCV infected , would be for All of the Americas . I am sure there is a big problem south of the US border as there is in Canada
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One thing to consider about Hillary's comment is that we're she to be elected she would not come into office until 2017 and it would take many many months to put together some proposal, have it debated and then get passed. So we are probably looking at 2018 before any impact. That is another 2 plus years from now.

I I also agree with the idea of trading about 30% or so of my Gilead shares so that when it goes up to 110 I sell those shares and when it comes back down to 100 or less (97 was just the last price ) I buy back. If you look back over the past year and a half this could've been done probably at least six times. If I have to hold I don't mind because I believe in the company.

Start to nibble. Buy 1/5 of the total amount of shares you want to hold. If the price drops, but another 1/5, etc.
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Since everyone is panicking about Clinton's statement, today is a great day to load up on some biotec stocks! I'm going to add to GILD today myself.
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"While Hillary Clinton made waves mentioning that she would try to pass legislation to limit the cost of healthcare drugs if elected, this is unlikely, to say the least, as if she is elected, this will still be almost impossible to pass through Congress."

-Next week she'll flip and say something totally different. All politicians say what the public wants to hear to get elected, knowing damn well that they will do nothing about the issue if elected.

-I'm very long GILD and would love to see a pullback to $95 or even lower to add to my position. Limit orders are waiting to be filled.

-If you plan to invest in this space using individual securities it's a good idea to own 2-3 companies. For example you could own a diverse HC company like JNJ and a device company like Medtronic.
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Very well said, mherrel. You had me until I read "index." Not only is the competitive advantage constantly shifting but the industry is in a transitional period which creates uncertainty and will result in some big wins but some equally big losses.

Unless you have specialized knowledge in medicine/biotech you will always be following somebody else's plan which may be biased or worse have an agenda. Either plan to devote an incredible amount of time to attempting to learn the science and the market or don't even mess with most of the stocks in this sector right now. JMO.
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The biggest problem with biotech/pharma stocks is that their competitive advantage is constantly shifting based on pipelines/patents/regu... etc. Think technology. When they have the lead they make a ton of money. When the competitive advantage diminishes they have to recreate themselves--sometimes successfully and sometimes not. There is no drug company that is a buy and hold forever investment. That being said, it's an industry that is stable and will grow forever. Which stock to pick? Idk. Maybe buying an index that tracks all of them is the best way to go.
Think Gild will "climb the wall of worry".
User have you seen any of the other HCV drugs gain significant market share? I haven't, I haven't seen Apple come out with a new product line other than a watch either. GILD unlike Apple created a new market of liver drugs that work with HCV, HBV, and these drugs are outproducing the wildest dreams of any analyst when GILD bought the company. Is it fair to blame GILD for growing so quickly off of this drug series that it became almost overnight 40% of their EPS?
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jstratt, I agree. I want to know where Gilead is heading, in other areas. They will eventually have too much competition in the HCV-cure arena. What are the next BIG things from GILD?
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If anyone else wants to write an article on GILD plenty of new ground remains to be plowed.

1) effect of pan genotype HCV drug on GILD
2) Where HBV is in a competitive analysis
3) Where NASH is in a competitive analysis
4) HIV status including the potential for a cure and the timing
5) Presenting a vision of GILD in 2020 from what we know today

I think the "GILD stock is undervalued and has a low PE" thesis is covered.
Why isn't GILD part of the Dow 30? It seems like it is the 22nd or 23rd US company based on market cap. Having it in the Dow 30 would probably decrease its volatility.
Orffy:I think you're giving the institutional investors too much credit they can barely see past next month. They keep saying that GILD must purchase a company if they want to see PE Expansion, then if they actually buy one they will spend the next two months arguing as to whether or not they overpaid for it and wondering how they will get any value out of said company
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I don't see how the analysis have GILD EPS and revenues declining for 2016. With flat revenues, GILD should still have EPS growth due to share buyback.
Very old new here that has been hashed and rehashed many times.
I'm usually long term investor but have been successfully trading in and out of GILD for some time. Currently out and waiting a bit longer for all the static to clear from the market. I'm hoping my next purchase will be a long term investment.
I believe the Gild needs a catalyst change the markets mind to permanently move the stock higher, like a good size acquisition.
Kicking myself, I had shares when it was $80. It dropped to like below 70 and I got cold feet and took a lost. Damn I should have stayed the course
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