Visa: Key Takeaways From The Deutsche Bank 2015 Technology Brokers Conference

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  • Visa's Global Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Jim McCarthy, recently presented at the Deutsche Bank 2015 Technology Brokers Conference.
  • McCarthy gave excellent color as to the company's focus on launching Visa Checkout, on the competitive landscape, and on how Visa is handling partner concerns over its new tech expansion.
  • I give analysis on all of the key takeaways plus my thoughts on Visa's equity as it currently trades.

Visa's (NYSE:V) Global Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Jim McCarthy, recently presented at the Deutsche Bank 2015 Technology Brokers Conference. McCarthy, whose company is one of the world's largest payment technology companies, touched on several marquee areas of wonder in what was hosted as an informal Q&A presentation. McCarthy presented without the assistance of prepared deck slides, instead simply taking Q&A on a wide variety of topics.

I believe the commentary given comes at a very important time for Visa as well as the rest of the payments/payment technology space, as it comes in both in the early innings of what could be the next big transitional shift for the space and at a time when Visa, in particular, might be turned to as a defensive stock in a low/no-growth GDP environment. I've opined recently that Visa, very uniquely to multinationals, has been able to somehow carry on with healthy operations despite facing a slew of headwinds. Some of these headwinds the company has no control over and will not have control over moving forward - these include a negative FX impact, the noted global GDP concerns, a growing more volatile global FX environment, growing fiercer competition, etc. Again, though, in the face of these, Visa has remained a steady name that has continued to grow T12M from an operational and an equity standpoint.

McCarthy, being the Global Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, will have ample say and influence on the long-term future of Visa as a company. His opinion weights heavily into the total strategy at Visa in general and will be a large determining variable in how successful the company remains as it takes the "new normal" of payment processing/payment tech head on.

The following is my analysis of the conference presentation and my key takeaways.

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