Betting on Apple's Product Cycle (AAPL)

| About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)
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The Stalwart submits: So everyone knows that the way to trade Apple (NASD: AAPL) is to game the announcements cycle, right? If you think they're gonna announce a new and smaller iPod then you buy. It's the opposite if you think they're just gonna announce some new software or, gasp, that they're merely changing chip suppliers. But as the company gets bigger and bigger the impact that a new product can have on earnings becomes muted, and the volatility around announcement time diminishes. So what's an Apple-trader to do?

Check out online sportsbook where you can get odds and place bets on just about everything including what new product Apple will be announcing tomorrow?.

Here are the current odds:

Upgrade version of iPod 2/1
Video iPod 6/5
Updated versions of Power Mac and Powerbook 2/1
Airport Express with Video 3/1
Itunes Video Store 11/2
Tiered Pricing for iTunes songs 6/1
Apple Game Console 7/1
OSX for PC 9/1

Gentleman, place your wagers.