5 Biotech Stocks On The Move

by: VFC's Stock House

With Super Bowl week nearing an end, here's a few stocks that have looked as sweet as a Manning to Manningham pass lately...

GelTech Solutions (OTCQB:GLTC): Trading volume and share price have been on the move for GelTech Solutions for a few weeks now, and after a brief period of consolidation at around the one dollar mark, GLTC has continued to trade at nearly ten times the daily average with a continued push higher.

Another fiver percent rise on Wednesday supported a $1.20 close, but shares touched $1.34 during intra-day trading, an indication that the ongoing price run might not be over.

Investors have been taking notice of GelTech's FireIce, a product that could potentially revolutionize firefighting techniques worldwide. FireIce, when added to water, significantly enhances water's ability to smother and extinguish a fire and, as recently demonstrated in a Montana wildfire, also has huge implications in fire prevention.

The company received various designations and qualifications throughout the past year that allow for the national-level, global distribution of FireIce, and it's that distribution potential that has fueled the latest round of investor interest. It's widely expected that with the groundwork having been laid last year, new distribution and sales are set to be announced throughout the early portions of 2012.

Having already been identified as a potential growth play for this year, GLTC is still one to keep an eye on as the daily trading volume and share price continues to intensify.

InVivo Therapeutics (NASDAQ:NVIV): InVivo Therapeutics burst onto the scene late last year as the story behind its potential cure for paralysis started to make rounds and the company's share price flew from well under the dollar mark to nearly three in just a short time.

The company was further boosted by news that Geron (NASDAQ:GERN) had decided to put on hold the clinical development of its own potential treatment for spinal cord injuries (SCI), marking InVivo as the arguable leader in the field.

After a brief pullback to the two dollar mark, NVIV has again started to make a move higher, based chiefly on the potential of the company's biopolymer scaffold device (BSD) that has, in early studies, demonstrated a therapeutic effect in healing SCIs. The clinical path of development for the BSD is significant because, while most other companies relevant to the the field are developing treatments and methods with a pharmaceutical basis, InVivo's BSD is being developed as a medical device, and also addresses the serious threat of secondary injuries to the spinal cord that generally lead to the most severe cases of SCI and paralysis.

If the secondary injuries can be warded off, the theory holds, then so can paralysis.

In support of that theory, 100% of the monkeys treated with InVivo's scaffold in preclinical studies were up and running within 12 weeks, and the mood is encouraging moving forward into human trials, given the similarities in anatomy and bodily structure between the monkeys used in the preclinical studies and humans; it's the shift from rats to monkey that was the larger technological leap.

The company is also awaiting approval from the FDA to begin human trials with its hydrogel and scaffolding device in combination with other therapies. It's expected that these trials will be underway this year and that could be fueling the latest interest in the NVIV stock.

Given the huge potential of this company's technology in the ten billion dollar SCI treatment market, InVivo is also worth noting as a potential buyout candidate.

With volume and interest again growing, it's time to mark NVIV as a stock on the move.

Siga Technologies (NASDAQ:SIGA): Shares of Siga Technologies have been on the move for the better part of 2012 already, but with another seven percent spike noted on Wednesday, it doesn't look like the SIGA run is ready to falter just yet.

There has been not been any publicly released news that would support the recent price run, aside from the already-announced payments by BARDA late last year, but recent media reportshave been noting insider buys and covering short interest as potential catalysts that could support a continued move higher.

Already supported by a large sum of government money, SIGA could be one of 2012's better rebound stories after a year of turmoil in 2011.

Still a big mover.

CytRx Corporation (NASDAQ:CYTR): Shares of CytRx Corp are up roughly thirty percent on the year already, mainly based on the company's pipeline of numerous pipeline candidates that have been realizing solid progressthrough the latter stages of 2011 and into the new year of 2012.

Of the company's product candidates, Bafetinib may hold the most market potential. This product is being investigated for effectiveness in treating multiple cancer indications, including advance prostate cancer, brain cancer and leukemia. According to statistics posted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NASDAQ:CDC), prostate cancer is the number one cancer suffered by men. 217,730 new cases were reported in the US alone last year, according todata supplied by the National Cancer Institute, and any move into that market by CytRx is sure to become a lucrative undertaking while significantly boosting shareholder value.

Tamibarotene is being tested as a for treatment of non-small cell lung (NSCL) cancer and acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) and CytRx would only need to make a small dent into the NSCL market to significant boost the company's bottom line, and APL is a $100 million market in itself.

INNO-206, although still earlier in the stages of development, could also become a big player as an anti-tumor agent. Multiple studies are underway and the product has already demonstrated success in early animal and human clinical studies. This will be a product to keep a keen eye on as the others develop.

As increasing and renewed interest is drawn to the CytRx pipeline, a continued move higher by CYTR shares could be expected.

Agenus, Inc. (NASDAQ:AGEN): Agenus, Inc. has been another one to watch list, but after a price spike on Wednesday of nearly twenty percent, AGEN is again a notable stock on the move, at least for the short term.

This company gained spotlight attention last year after a malaria vaccine being developed by GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) made rounds in the headlines. Agenus' vaccine adjuvant, QS-21, is used in that vaccine, in addition to being used in many others, and the company stands to rake in modest royalties on sales of those that become approved.

In it's own pipeline, however, Agenus is developing Prophage for the treatment of glioma.

Results from ongoing trials could start rolling in this year, and it's possible that AGEN could experience a pre-release, speculative spike leading into those results.

Agenus is also one of many cancer companies - especially in the immunotherapy sector - to benefit from the recent recovery in the Dendreon (DNDN) share price, ignited by a rebound in Provenge sales.

Happy trading...and always keep looking for the next hot movers.

Disclosure: Long GLTC, SIGA, AGEN.