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BAHAMAS1 profile picture
VISA announced this morning a security deal with FETE called "Visa Threat Intelligence".

Quite impressive and state of the art.
Six Shares of AAPL in the 1980s is 270 SHARES TODAY!!!
BAHAMAS1 profile picture

If you're question was directed to me, I would buy in tranches and start in the current range it has been selling ...of $69-$75.
It appears to be setting up to take out its last 52 week high of $76.92 (pre split $307.68).

Maybe buy 25% of your desired full position, i.e. if you eventually wish to own 1,000 shares, buy 250 shares now and watch it carefully.

On any pullback , buy the next tranche, and so forth.

If you are Investing for the Long Term, I would not screw around waiting for too many $$ lower as it may not get there and you'll never get to own it.

I would also reinvest the Dividends.

Just fyi, VISA stock has always sold at a premium which imo is justified.
So don't be afraid to "hit the buy button" because continually waiting for a huge pullback is hard to find with VISA.

Good luck to you.
As a beginner what would be a good price for me to jump in v?
phamp1973 profile picture
how's the divs?
BAHAMAS1 profile picture

VISA's Dividend is Growing and is paid directly from profits as are their buybacks. VISA has no debt.

Their Dividend Growth has averaged increases of 29.5% over the last 6 years.

Imo, V will become a Dividend Champion.
"Instituted by Visa Europe earlier this year", err, no, has been the norm for years.

Agree V and MA, represent great long term investments.
ChuckXX profile picture
Let me first say a very nice well written article and I thank you. Visa is my #1 holding by a pretty good margin. Been in it since the 2008 IPO and have added to it atleast 6 times since then. My 2 biggest "concerns" are this. I read yesterday that Walmart and Visa are "huddling" to discuss a settlement in regards to Walmarts 5 Billion dollar lawsuit against Visa. I really have to say I hate Walmart as they are the Big Bully in the room that likes to "strong arm" everybody they deal with. Talk to a Walmart employee sometime and get their reaction as to how they get treated. My other concern is I hope they do not over pay for Visa Europe. As I have said before if they over pay badly for Visa Europe that will set the stock "back for years". I read a recent report that said if they purchase Visa Europe it will only add a dime to net earnings. Not very impressive. Europe is not a "growth engine" and I just hope they get it at a reasonable price.
Long V since the IPO and added to my position at $64.75 and $72. V will acquire Visa Europe in the next few months making this a stronger growth stock.
This EMV technology has existed in Europe for years. It was not a Visa innovation, but rather a collaboration between Europay, Mastercard and Visa, hence EMV. Also the chip and pin tchnology has also been a requirement in Europe for years, and will not be a requirement here in the U.S. for some future time, as the banks think it's a burden to the consumer. Foolish, and much less secure than chip and pin technology.
Bullterriere profile picture
Chip and PIN was implemented in Europe to allow for so called "offline" transactions because back then networks were slow and expensive. These transactions were not authorized in real time and thus if a card was stolen a PIN was needed because the banks had no ability to decline. In the USA, everything is authorized real time (which is why the USA managed without chip for so long). The US problem is counterfeit, not lost and stolen which does not scale. Since "offline PIN" is extremely expensive and difficult to maintain and since lost / stolen is easily managed using the real time fraud detection services, Visa's decision to do chip without PIN is really smart.
BAHAMAS1 profile picture
Further comment:

It was implied yesterday,6 October, that V and WMT may be in talks to settle their lawsuit out of court.

I'm guessing that an announcement could come any time.
BAHAMAS1 profile picture
Thanks for the article.

VISA is one of the Best run tech companies out there.

Their ZERO debt and rapidly rising Dividend (average increase of 29.5% over last 6 yrs) with a Payout Ratio of 19%, and their growing Buybacks are just some of the added reasons imo that V should be in everyone's portfolio.

Long V
always a buy on any >5-10% pullback. last added V at $64 during the 8/24 flash crash
Likewise at $68 - great long term player
RoseNose profile picture
Gee, I missed the $64. Nicely done. I had $65 as an add price. Could be awhile, again. I might have to adjust again.
Long V and MA (added some @ $88 recently).
Happy Investing.
IKFR: thank you for the article :)) Rose.
Yeah it was only a few mins after the opening bell before the market came to its senses and appropriately brought it back to closer to 70.
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