Q1 Renewable Energy and Biofuels: Indices of Country Attractiveness

Includes: PBW, PUW
by: Alt Energy Stocks

Q1 2007 Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices

Ernst & Young recently released its Q1 2007 Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices, a series of indices that rank countries on their attractiveness with regards to alternative energy growth and development. These indices provide good yardsticks for investors who want to know which markets offer the best near and long term alt. energy growth prospects.

The report presents three main indices, whose names are fairly self-explanatory:

(1) The All Renewables Index

The All Renewables Index

(2) The Long-term Wind Index (>2 years)

The Long-Term Wind Index

(3) The Near-term Wind Index

The Near-Term Wind Index

The report is a quick and interesting read. There were no particularly significant developments over the course of the period. China continues its ascent on the attractiveness scale, which should come as no surprise to industry followers. Environmental Finance provides a brief summary of E&Y's findings, along with some interesting forecasts.

Biofuels Country Attractiveness Indices

For Q1 2007, E&Y also introduces a new group of indices, the Biofuels Country Attractiveness Indices. E&Y describes these indices as follows:

The [...] Biofuels Country Attractiveness Indices rank the attractiveness of the top 15 global markets for investment in biologically derived renewable fuels incorporating both ethanol, and biodiesel. The Q1 2007 edition includes individual scores for bioethanol, biodiesel, and infrastructure, plus a combined score making up the All Biofuels Index.

The top 15 stack up as follows on the All Biofuels Index:

Biofuels Country Attractiveness Indices