Future articles coming ... what to expect

by: Sandy Cohen

Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone about what to expect over the next several weeks on this site.  This is not a firm promise, but what I hope to accomplish for the site.

First, this week there are a number of utilities presenting at the DeitscheBank Analyst Electric Power Conference.  Some are webcasting their presentations.  I am on the road, but hope to check back next week and give capsules on any, if they have anything interesting to say.  For the schedule that I have of some of the webcasts, see:  DeutscheBank Webcast Schedule.

Second, also this week, Progress Energy is holding an analyst meeting in North Carolina.  I do not expect anything materially new to come from this meeting, and the actual presentation portion is relatively short (maybe only a couple of hours, starting at 3 PM according to the company webcast announcement).  But the meeting will be webcast (PGN Analyst Meeting Webcast).  The comapny will surely talk about their 2005 expectations, and the prgress they have made so far, and their Florida storm recovery rate case, and the recent filing in the Carolinas for fuel recovery.  I will certainly have something up on Friday about this meeting.

Third,  over the next several weeks I hope to have articles up the breakdown of unregulated versus reglated earnings within the electric utility industry, and perhaps a summary listing of the rate proceedings each utility might have in process.

Fourth, I will continue to post a list of the yields of the electric and the gas utilities (once for each group each week).