Dividends & Income Digest: 'Retirement Investing... The Final Frontier'

Includes: CLNY, CVX, KMI, LADR, T, XOM
by: Robyn Conti


Every issue, SA explores a dividend & income investing question and shares the responses.

In this issue, we ask for your input as we explore a new direction for investors transitioning from accumulation to the distribution phase.

What should Seeking Alpha be tracking in the dividends & income world? Leave a comment to let us know. Or better yet, submit an article of your own.

Hello and welcome to 2016. Hopefully, it's treating you well so far.

retirementIn the comments thread of the last issue of the Digest, there was a lot of discussion around creating a series of articles, or possibly a section of the Dividends, Income & Retirement community devoted to those who are transitioning from the accumulation to the distribution phase of their investment journey. I think it's worth exploring, and I think in the near term, the best way to achieve this specific demographic focus is to have you all address it specifically in the articles submitted by our authors, and of course, in the ongoing conversations taking place in our comment streams.

I am also considering the possibility of amassing these articles and comments within a separate area of the site that would serve as a ready-made library of research and ideas specifically for retirees. However, those are not decisions I am able to make on my own. I'll keep you posted on what seems to make the most sense as we travel down this road. In the meantime, many gracious thanks in advance for your help and input in developing this exciting new avenue on Seeking Alpha.

As a start - and a huge thanks to Bob Wells for the idea - it seemed wise to poll the community at large to see where we can make the biggest impact. To that end, the following survey breaks down a variety of scenarios, from distribution strategies to pre-retiree time horizons to retirees' portfolio size. We'd like to hear from you about which scenarios best apply to you.

***I am going to close the polls on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 8 pm Eastern. In the meantime, please feel free to send me a direct message with any questions.

I look forward to seeing your responses and to finding out where everyone is at.

And now, on to the week's Dividends & Income news and analysis:

"Boston 'T' Party? Investors Should Consider Abandoning This Ship:" by The Struggling Millennial

"What The New York Times Got Wrong About Prospect Capital" by Albert Alfonso

"David Van Knapp Positions For 2016: Dividend Growth Investors Must Separate Fact From Fiction, Cope With Risk, And Never, Ever Panic" by David Van Knapp (interviewed by Robyn Conti)

"How To Build A Dividend House: Which Stocks Go Where?" by Dividend House

"My Shocking News: I Added 23 New Stocks To My Portfolio In 2015 - Good News, Most Are Quality" by RoseNose

"AT&T: Dead-Money?" by Christopher Davis

"NorthStar Realty Finance's Huge Dividend And Its Huge Undervaluation Make It A Buy" by David White

"This Uncovered REIT Gem Has All The Ingredients Of Something Special" by Brad Thomas

"Kinder Morgan Is Not The Swiss National Bank" by Arbitrage Trader

"Are We At The Bottom For Share Prices Of Exxon Mobil And Chevron?" by Alexander J. Poulos

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Well, actually two:

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