Buy A Few Shares And Take A Seat! Bassett Poised To Perform

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  • Bassett has a long history of selling quality furniture in North America. While the brand has had its fair share of issues, it is currently trending in the right direction.
  • Bassett has made tough strategic moves over the last 15 years which are finally paying off, as evident in the last few earnings reports.
  • Management is not content to idle and has firm plans to continue low risk, high reward growth.

Over the last 114 years, Bassett Furniture (NASDAQ:NASDAQ:BSET) has built its name and reputation on constructing and selling high quality furniture at a fair price. However, with markets growing increasingly competitive, the Company fell on hard times and was forced to restrategize in the late 1990's to early-to-mid 2000's, culminating in the closure of many of its plants and outsourcing much of its work to utilize Asia's cheaper labor, while domestically, focus was placed on the retail side of the business. The 2009 financial crisis only exacerbated the Company's problems, but management's moves thus far appear to prudent and well-timed. Bassett is well positioned to weather the remainder of the storm and to thrive once the North American economy fully recovers.

Brief History:

Bassett Furniture was founded in 1902 by John David (J.D.) Bassett, Charles C. Bassett, Samuel H. Bassett, and Reed L. Stone, from the left over pieces of a saw mill that the Bassett family had operated to supply rail ties to the Norfolk & Western line that was being built nearby. When construction of the line was complete, the family began looking for a market for their lumber and soon began shipping lumber north to furniture makers, who would then ship the furniture back south to be sold. J.D. recognized the opportunity to cut out the middle man and the family soon began to make furniture in-house. From the Company's history posted on its website:

"Here I was shipping raw lumber from Henry County (Virginia) to Jamestown, New York, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, where factories converted that lumber into finished furniture to be shipped everywhere, including the South," J.D. recalled. "It seemed to me that furniture certainly could be made in Henry County at a tremendous advantage."

The Company began to thrive with sales reaching $1 million in

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