Crystallex's Las Cristinas Permit Virtually Granted

With the virtual granting of its now famous environmental impact permit, Crystallex (KRY) can at last get on with the serious job of building a gold mine. Whatever may happen in the future at Las Cristinas, we hope that, however overdue the permit may seem to be in the eyes of many, KRY management pop a few champagne corks tonight and celebrate the achievement, especially the investor relations department at KRY; the ever-patient Richard Marshall is a credit to his profession.

As for the loyal longs, the shareholders that CEO Thompson called “the greatest shareholders in the world” have been rewarded for their patience. Unashamedly guilty of having "fallen in love with a stock", having suffered a seemingly interminable wait and having withstood innumerable and often anonymous barbs about “their company” over the years, they should also allow themselves a moment to celebrate.

All that said, we recommend finding a price and taking profits on KRY at this point. However, those who do so should wish every fortune to those who remain long.

Disclosure: none

KRY 1-yr chart


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