My Review Of 'High-Level Investing For Dummies'

by: Joseph Oppenheim Investing

5 out of 5 stars....

High-Level Investing for Dummies, by Paul Mladjenovic, was just released in January 2016 and the author wrote it in mid-2015, just when the current economy began hitting its headwinds. So, perfect timing to present his information and he does offer thoughts of how one might use some of his strategies to navigate this turbulence.

This book is not only excellent for experienced investors, but great timing and excellent as a reference by providing links for additional information. Plus, he also recommends related books, magazines, brokers, etc. And, he presents names and strategies of great investors, past and present.

He identifies himself as a dividend growth investor, also liking ETFs and options, both in conservative and speculative ways. So, all bases are covered. Plus, no matter how experienced the reader is, the book is a great refresher, well appendix-ed and a great table of contents for easy skipping around.

The author frequently reminds the reader, "the more you learn, the more you earn".

I heartily recommend this book.