6 Operating Companies Have Failed To Price IPOs In 2016

by: Renaissance Capital IPO Research

Two weeks into February, and not a single company with operating revenue has gone public. More IPOs have postponed than priced.

The latest casualties this week were airline concessions operator OTG EXP (NASDAQ:OTG) and waste disposal company Advanced Disposal Services (NYSE:ADSW), which had sought to raise a combined $1 billion. Both highly leveraged companies had insiders selling on the IPO, but these deals had selling points too: OTG accomplished impressive growth in 2015 (~40%), while Advanced Disposal's waste management services is a fairly defensive business.

Six operating companies have postponed IPOs looking to raise $1.3 billion in 2016
Company (Ticker) Business Proposed
Deal Size ($mm)
OTG EXP Airport concession operator $552
Advanced Disposal Services Waste disposal services $450
Elevate Credit (NYSE:ELVT) Online non-prime lending $76
Shimmick Construction Co. (NASDAQ:SCCI) California-based construction company $75
Nordic Realty Trust (NASDAQ:NORT) Norway-based REIT $75
AmeriQuest (AMQ) Financial process services $74

The only deals able to get done have been biotechs supported by heavy insider buying; however, the four biotech IPOs average a return of -7%.

IPO activity through 2/11 in the past three years
2014 2015 2016
Postponed IPOs 0 4 7
Postponed IPO proceeds $0 $0.43 billion $1.37 billion

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