Matt Feshbach Turns To Three Microcaps

Includes: DLIA, LZB, SIR
by: Microcap Speculator

This month's Institutional Investor magazine has an interesting article on Matt Feshbach. Now head of MLF Investments, Feshbach is known for co-founding Feshbach Brothers, an aggressive trading firm that was synonymous with short-selling in the 1980s.
Feshbach Feshbach is now playing the long side, mostly in microcaps. According to the article, he manages about $200 million.

MLF is only currently invested in three companies -- microcaps Delia's (NASDAQ:DLIA) and Sirva (NYSE:SIR), and smallcap La-Z-Boy (NYSE:LZB). His fund employs a strategy he calls "ownership investing," taking a 5% to 20% position in each company, and working with management in a gentle sort of activism.

Over the past five years, MLF has posted average annual returns of 34.5%. This year might not be so great, looking at the charts of his three identified holdings:


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