ETF To Ride On Batman Vs. Superman Movie Win

Includes: PBS
by: Zacks Funds

It's Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX) that has emerged as the winner in the epic battle between Batman and Superman, the two DC Comics superheroes. As per Box Office Mojo reports, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice grossed over $170.1 million over the Easter weekend, far ahead of the other releases.

Although the movie failed to get rave reviews from critics, the audiences paid no heed, making it one of the best March launches and the highest-grossing DC Comics movie over the launch weekend. It also claimed the spot of the sixth-largest domestic opening weekend.

The movie has also been received well in the international markets, where it was released last week. It grossed over $254 million overseas, taking the total revenue to over $424.1 million so far. The movie's performance was solid in the UK ($21.9 million), Mexico ($18.6 million), Brazil ($12.2 million), Korea ($10.5 million), Australia ($10 million) and Russia ($8.5 million), among other countries.

Going by the current trend, the film could very well cross the $1 billion mark by the time it leaves the theaters. Following a string of failed releases or limited success with a few high-budget releases like Jupiter Ascending, the success of Batman v Superman... is a huge breather for Time Warner. The company is already preparing for a series of interconnected comic book franchises.

These positive developments make it essential to look at the top-ranked PowerShares Dynamic Media Portfolio ETF (NYSEARCA:PBS), with 5.04% exposure to Time Warner (see all Consumer Discretionary ETFs here).

PBS looks to provide exposure to the Dynamic Media Intellidex Index, holding a basket of 30 securities. Time Warner takes the second spot in the fund. The fund charges 59 basis points (bps) as fees. It has total assets of $86.9 million and trades in volumes of 58,000 shares. It has lost 5.2% so far this year (as of March 24, 2016). The fund has a Zacks ETF Rank #1 (Strong Buy).

However, Time Warner may face competition later this year, as it is not the only media house pitting its superheroes against each other. Captain America and Iron Man and other Avengers from the Marvel world, a Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) subsidiary, are set to fight it out in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

Meanwhile, PBS is secure in its position and is poised to gain further, with Disney standing at the 7th spot with little less than 5% weight.

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