Introducing The Seeking Alpha Author Experience

by: SA Editor Mike Taylor, CFA


As the new Managing Editor - Opinion And Analysis, I am pleased to announce the Seeking Alpha Author Experience, one of our most ambitious editorial programs to date.

Rocco Pendola writes and curates daily installments, covering best practices for how to write great articles and make your investment analysis stand out and resonate with readers.

This project deepens Seeking Alpha's partnership with contributors, providing an unparalleled resource to help authors reach a wider audience while continually improving their investment commentary.

The past month has been an exciting one behind the scenes at Seeking Alpha. For starters, following George Moriarty's promotion to VP Content, I assumed the role of Managing Editor - Opinion And Analysis effective March 15. I am responsible for expanding Seeking Alpha's audience, driving reader/author engagement, and improving editorial decision-making.

I'm tremendously excited about the opportunity, but that's far from the most important recent development.

That distinction belongs to the launch of The Seeking Alpha Author Experience, an offering to our writers and prospective writers that, as far as I know, is unique in all of journalism and investment analysis. The Author Experience is a kind of living editorial handbook for our writers - daily email installments outlining key elements that drive successful online investment commentary.

Created out of whole cloth by Rocco Pendola, The Experience launched on March 1. It has succeeded by any measure you can throw at it.

Since launch, 280 Seeking Alpha contributors have signed up. That's about 20% of active authors over the time period. Only one person has unsubscribed and, from what Rocco tells me, there has been a near universal positive response. Considering an audience of investors and analysts whose livelihood depends on a critical perspective, that's a phenomenal achievement.

People from across the Seeking Alpha team have written 24 digestible installments, each touching on a variation of the theme: How to write better investment analysis and commentary. Article topics have included: crafting great introductions, using Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Trends to learn about reader preferences, and using images effectively.

Here are some testimonials from subscribers to The Author Experience:

  • "I just want to congratulate you and the SA team for this fantastic resource. I love the concept of SA and the way it is executed everyday but this resource takes it to a whole new level in my eyes."

  • "I wanted to thank you and your team for this series. The information is well-presented, actionable, and has already influenced my style. I removed 67 words from a 900 word article last night. The editor had asked for an 800 word piece. You helped me to deliver, without diluting the impact."

  • "Subscribing to this email string is the best thing I've done this week."

Here, again, is what we've accomplished so far. If you are an author, or if you are thinking about writing an article, I highly recommend you sign up for The Seeking Alpha Author Experience.

Finally, thank you, Rocco, for envisioning and executing this initiative. It's a pure reflection of the team we have here, and of our ongoing commitment to partnership with our authors in service of our readers.

I look forward to everyone's feedback.

Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

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