Natural Gas Prices - Which Kind Of Perfect Storm?

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  • 'Perfect Storm' could drive natural gas prices to historic lows.
  • But another perfect storm may evolve.
  • Epic hurricane season.
  • Scorching hot summer.
  • Bitter cold winter.

For more than two years, natural gas prices have been in a downtrend. This past winter was a disaster. The commodity has lost 65% of its value since its peak in February 2014.

El Niño produced the warmest U.S. temperatures on record this past winter.

The storage surplus swelled to its five-year maximum, as measured by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

But one market commentator penned an article explaining that the market could even get uglier this summer. The author sees a "perfect storm" of conditions that may line up to produce "unimaginably low prices" that can be "historic."

Epic Hurricane Season

Bill Kirk, CEO of Weather Trends International (WTI), sees a different kind of perfect storm brewing. All of the climate indices and statistics are aligning to set the stage for a very active and destructive 2016 hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin with several land-falling hurricane threats for the U.S. He thinks it may be an epic hurricane season. This video explains why.

Unlike other weather forecasting firms, WTI uses a unique approach that provides long-term (one-year out) forecasts. Since 70% of the earth is covered by water, and ocean temperatures do not change quickly, they focus on oceanic cycles. As WTI explains it, once a cycle starts (El Nino is one of the 24), it stays that way for an extended duration, so knowledge of these cycles combined with advanced math, statistics, and probabilities make it possible to provide much more accurate year-ahead forecasts than the physics-based meteorological models that only work well a week out. I have worked with WTI and know first-hand the quality their work.

AccuWeather just recently published their hurricane season for 2016. They are also forecasting a more active season as well, two more-than-normal storms.

For those who were not in the

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