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Revenues may be overstated by ~50% through transactions with related parties.

Biofuels are a pipe dream. The only non-related party business that generates substantial revenue sells cattle.

The technology platform called "Google of Life Science" is an overhyped and undifferentiated collection of commodity and failed products.

*MAY 3* Editor's Note --- The author has made a change regarding the allegation pertaining to Intrexon's Thomas Reed's supposed link to GT Life Science. The following footnote has been made at the bottom of Page 49: "Note that we have corrected the 4/27/16 version of this report to redact a few paragraphs on GT Life Science founder “Thomas Reed,” who we now believe to be a different “Thomas Reed” than Intrexon’s founder.."

Due to strong market interest in our research, we have worked diligently to accelerate the release of our full report on Intrexon (NYSE:XON). Today, we are releasing Parts 2-8 as one standalone document.

We look forward to a substantive response from the company regarding the concerns raised in the report.

We have worked diligently to support all of our research with facts and have cited numerous publicly available sources to back up our opinions. We encourage all of our readers to do their own research and form their own opinions.

For those readers who wish to access the primary source documentation referenced herein, please note that some of the references in the report are links to older websites, and we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with accessing some of the links via the PDF file. However, we have found the following approach works nearly perfectly if readers are having difficulty clicking through to webpages:

1. Copy paste the full link URL into the Google search browser, not the URL address bar:

2. Your link will be the top Google search result. Simply click it

XON Parts 2-8

Disclosure: I am/we are short XON.

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