A Simple 'Blood Test' For Retirement Readiness: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest

by: SA For FAs


Your humble servant returns, with deep thanks to Robyn Conti for ably supplying advisors with a wealth of news and views in his absence.

Retirement expert Michael Lonier provides an intuitive method for evaluating your clients' overall retirement readiness.

Plus, links on when to apply for Social Security; how human advisors can beat robo ones; and on the value of financial planning to bankruptcy-prone pro-athletes.

It is both my duty and distinct pleasure to thank my colleague Robyn Conti for the time, thought and effort she put into sustaining these daily digests as I observed Passover last week. If you find yourself missing her always engaging articles, no worries: just click "follow" on her feed, here.

Now, where were we? Oh, yes: the critical topic of retirement readiness. This is perhaps the most pressing concern on the minds of your clients. It came up within just minutes of a conversation I had yesterday with a neighbor who asked me what my profession was.

And the good news, nay great news, is that a true expert in the field is developing a series here on Seeking Alpha that quite clearly lays out all the issues financial advisors need to know to understand retirement income planning.

In this, his second installment, Michael Lonier provides a quite simple and intuitive method for evaluating retirement readiness that can help advisors guide clients based on their own unique household budget.

"Think of it as a blood test for retirement, a way to check your vital signs, to highlight the areas that need further analysis, and to set the direction of your plan," he writes.

With no further ado, here are other links of interest to advisors today:

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