Recent Buys: Apple, Kinder Morgan And Manulife

Includes: AAPL, KMI, MFC
by: Dividend Hustler

I made some purchases and I'm done for this month. Having not bought any stocks for the last couple of months, I went hard this month adding over 20k. I have to chill out now as I will be overextending myself if I keep buying so I gotta chill and take care of the bills. I added to existing positions which was down.

I bought:

AAPL. Apple. 20 shares @ 93.06 = $1871.19 USD (FX 1.31)/$2451.26 CAD

KMI. Kinder Morgan. 100 shares @ 17.33 = $1742.99 USD (FX 1.30)/$2265.89 CAD

MFC. Manulife Financial. 100 shares @ 18.07 = $1816.99 CAD

Income added of $169.60.

Total Forward 12-Months Dividend Income.

$29 247.76/$2437.31 Per month.

There are so many companies to consider and add to our portfolio so it's always tough deciding. My Manulife was down 10 percent so I added to it. Manulife is the largest insurer in Canada and this space is going through headwinds with low interest rates and writing off hella bad oil and gas loans impairing the earnings. It's trading sideways for years but I'm okay with it because I'm enjoying the 4 percent dividend. The longer term, I like it as they are trying to penetrate China which is where 30 percent of their earnings come from. Looking on Fastgraphs, it's attractively valued right now and trading below its BV.

I bought 100 shares of Kinder Morgan to lower my cost basis because even though they cut their dividends which was the right thing to do, I still like the assets Kinder Morgan holds. With 80000 KM worth of pipelines… the assets are real. With the oil crashing, most energy stocks got messed up. Who expected the oil crashing like that? Being in business myself, there are always bumpiness and all we can do is adapt and right the ship. The problem with KMI is its huge debt load and Rich's message of over delivering and under performing… Too bad he had to open his fat mouth and promise dividend growth and cutting it after, thus losing shareholders' trust such as myself. Whatever the case, I'm not selling and will be holding because in 3 or 4 years, I'm hopeful it'll be back along with a bit more dividend.

I like Apple and find it attractive at this price. If it hits $85, I will buy another 50 shares. If it hits $75 I will buy more. I'll cap it off at a 20k position. With a long-term outlook, I'm sure they'll right the ship. Just give them some time and with all that cash in the bank (Over $150 billion? or something close to that) they'd figure it out. Apple's maturing and being that big, it's tough to move the needle. I wanted to get in and absorb all the dividend growth it'll be raising for the years to come and enjoy the dividends and hopefully the ride upwards as well… we'll see.

Anyways buds. Thanks for stopping by. I went crazy hard this month and I will have to stop until next month. I have been working 7 days a week for over 10 years now and I'm not even tired yet. I just have this crazy insane energy in me to keep succeeding and I want to be a crazy hustler. I won't stop and I love it because this is what it's about… Investing and saving our money. What's so bad about working hella hard? I get to buy more stocks and collecting assets is crazy addicting. It's a high I get. I love it. I hope to motivate and inspire anyone following me on my journey and want to show that working hard and living below your means will allow you to invest consistently month after month. I'm a living proof.

Some of my family and friends say I'm crazy but I take it as a compliment… I don't mind working so much because while I'm young, I'll do it now and I'm already living the good life so what do I have to lose? Remember Dave Ramsey's quote, "If you will live like no one else. Later you can live like no one else." Just awesome, eh? I know.

I'm nearing the 30k a year in Forward Dividends and I can't wait to get there. That will be 1/4 of the way for my journey as my goal is to hit 120k a year in dividends. Gonna be a milestone and I'll have a post for it.