Recent Buys: Apple, Gilead And Brookfield Renewable

Includes: AAPL, BEP, GILD
by: Dividend Hustler

Hey buds. Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend. I've been having crazy trigger fingers again and made final buys for the month of May. I have to stop now as I have gone ALL OUT. LOL. All good, as I love collecting assets, especially stocks. I figured since I invested so much this month, what's a little bit more to end the month off with a bang! Here are my transactions.

I bought:

AAPL. Apple. 20 shares @ 94.77 = $ 1905.39 USD (FX1.31) / $2496.06 CAD

GILD. Gilead Sciences. 15 shares @ 83.03 = $ 1255.44 (FX1.31) / $ 1644.63 CAD

BEP. Brookfield Renewable. 70 shares @ 38.14 = $ 2669.80 CAD

Income Added of $198.40

Total Forward 12 Months Dividend Income

$29,446.16 / $2,453.85 Per Month

I bought more Apple and was OCD so hard to get it to 100 shares. I missed Apple years ago and kicked myself but not this time. I've been buying it up this month and hold a half position now which I'll only buy more once it drops to the $70s and $80s. I believe in Apple and believe it can turn things around so I'm holding for the long term.

Gilead fits into my healthcare sector as I'm super underweight. Gilead missed earnings and dropped like woah. It's reliant on 2 drugs; however, they're a total cash cow. I'm sure management will turn things around. The consumer staples and healthcare sector for our portfolio will be the main focus moving forward. It's nice having a bit of a pullback in the healthcare space; however, as a Canadian, exchanging over to the US is still expensive but that's where the game is played, which is US stocks.

Lately, I've been obsessed with renewable energy. Moving forward, the world will be trying to be more green. I will invest heavily in renewables moving forward. Brookfield and its family will be core holdings for me for life. I will start a position in TransAlta Renewables (OTC:TRSWF) and add to my Algonquin (AQUNF) and hold these 3 for my play.

Anyways buds. Thanks for supporting me here. The month of May and this year has been great for my business. Each year, work has gotten a bit busier and so I've been able to make more purchases. All the sacrifices and hard work has paid off and I am truly appreciative for the wonderful blessings that have come my way. I'm a big believer of the Law of Attraction and staying positive because it's a lifestyle and a little each day adds up big time.

I love buying stocks and, more importantly, I love the flow of dividends hitting our bank accounts. It's a feeling like no other. Building this dividend machine from zero and from the ground up, it's my passion and hobby. Investing is a great road to be on and my favorite hobby besides video games. We continue to pick up high quality assets and hold for the long term while enjoying the dividends to wait… how great is that? Besides… what's the worst that can happen? Having no fear and intense motivation, I'm gonna keep doing it and will continue to log my journey through my blog. I want to stay accountable.

Everyone take care and see you soon. Keep hustling hella hard and don't stop. Look ahead and towards tomorrow because every day is a blessing. As long as we have continued wealth, we have wealth. Cheers my friends.