Italian Stocks: Eight Ways to Add Some Diverse Exports to Your Portfolio

by: Stockerblog

Here are some stocks from the 'boot-shaped' country of Italy that are interesting, and might actually add a kick to your investments.

Here are some facts about Italy that are important for potential investors:

  • It has the seventh highest GDP in the world.
  • It has the 17th highest Human Development Index rating in the world.
  • It is a founding member of the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Western European Union, and the Central European Initiative.
  • It has the fourth largest economy in Europe.
  • It is the sixth largest exporter of manufactured goods in the world.
  • It is the fifth major tourist destination in the world.
  • It exports includes cars, chemicals, aerospace, firearms, food, fashion clothing, and yachts.
  • There are 27 major ports located throughout the country.
  • Benetton Group SpA (BNG), makes and sells fashion clothing for men, women, and children. Some of the brands include Playlife, Killer Loop , United Colors of Benetton, Undercolors, and Sisley. It has a P/E of 18.4, a P/S of 1.21, and its yield is 2.1%.

    Enel SpA (EN), generates and distributes electricity, and natural gas throughout Italy. The stock has a P/E of 15.8 and a P/S of 1.3. It pays a generous yield of 5.3%. It has paid dividends at least once a year for seven years.

    Eni SpA (NYSE:E), is lucky enough to hold one of the one-letter stock ticker symbols. The company is involved in the oil and gas business, electrical generation, petrochemicals, and oilfield services. The stock has a very low P/E of 4.5, a low P/S of 0.47, and a PEG of a 3.4.

    Fiat SPA ADS (NYSEARCA:FIA), the famous Italian automobile manufacturer, trades on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock pays a small yield of 0.5%, which is based on its latest dividend. It has paid dividends sporadically for over 15 years.

    Gentium S.p.A (GENT) is a biotech company that is involved in the research, and manufacturing of treatments for vascular diseases, and cancer. It has a P/S of 38, and its earnings have been negative.

    Luxottica Group SpA (NYSE:LUX) makes, and sells high quality eyeglass frames and sunglasses, including such brands as Ray-Ban, Vogue, Luxottica, Chanel, Prada, Versace, Bulgari, DKNY, Brooks Brothers, and Anne Klein. The stock has a P/E of 29, and a P/S of 2.74. It even generates a yield of 1.8%.

    Natuzzi SpA (NYSE:NTZ), makes and sells fabric, and leather furniture which is sold in Europe, and the United States. The stock has an extremely high P/E of 398, but has a very low P/S of 0.46.

    Telecom Italia (NYSE:TI), is a NYSE-traded company that provides telecommunication services in Italy. Its P/E is 25, and based on its latest annual dividend, its yield is approximately 5%. It has paid dividends for the last four years.

    Disclosure: The author does not own any of the above.