The energy MLP ... attention getters

by: Sandy Cohen

Here is something investors seeking yield should take a look at:  Master Limited Partnerships, otherwise referred to as MLP's.  These investment vehicles are high-yielding, and have been high-flying, as well.  A recent article in Utilitpoint highlights these investments.

This recent article (Utilitpoint Article on MLP's - Courtesy of Power highlights some of reasons these publicly traded vehilces are useful and popular.

Utilitpoint had a sort of primer on MLP's in 2002, also (Utilitpoint Primer on MLP's).

And on July 8th, CSFB initiated coverage on the Energy MLP's, as a distinct industry group.  CSFB picked up coverage of 3 Energy MLP's. 

And on this site, we added the Energy MLP's to the Gas Utilities Dividend Yield list we publish most Friday mornings (Gas Utility and Energy MLP Yield Rankings).  We identified what seemed to be 14 Energy MLP's, which we added to the list.  They happend to represent the 14 highest yielding stocks on the list of 40 Gas Utilities and Energy MLP's, as of July 14th.  Generally, we included the Energy MLP's if they had gas pipelines as a part of their portfolio.