Ensco - Has Sold The Jackups Ensco 58 And Ensco 91 Held For Sale In Bahrain

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Ensco has sold a pair of jack-ups that have been cold stacked in the Middle East in a poor drilling market. Ensco 58 and Ensco 91 will be scrapped.

Ensco Plc., is the perfect model of an offshore driller caught in an ambiguous situation.

I recommend a Hold on ESV unless the stock trades below $9.50.

Picture: Jackup Ensco 91 - Rigzone.


This article is an update of my preceding article on ESV on April 12, 2016, about the most recent fleet status.

On June 9, 2016, We learned from Upstream the following:

Rig giant Ensco has sold a pair of jack-ups that have been cold stacked in the Middle East in a poor drilling market.

A quick look at the company rigs held for sale and stacked:

Rigs: Classified as Cold stacked, Ready stacked or available.

# Rig name Year Built Status End contract Location


1999 Cold Stacked Spain


2010 Ready Stacked Early termination - $148 million lump sum paid Us GoM
3 Ensco DS-5 2011 Stacked Dispute with Petrobras and Shipyard. Brazil
4 Ensco DS-9 2015 Ready Stacked Early Termination - 2Y paid/$550k/d minus stacking fee ~500K/d est. Asia
5 Ensco 5005 1982/1997 Cold Stacked Singapore
6 Ensco 8500 2008 Cold Stacked preparation 10/15 US GoM
7 Ensco 8501 2008 Cold Stacked US GoM
8 Ensco 8502 2010 Cold Stacked US GoM
9 Ensco 8506 2012 Ready stacked US GoM
1 Ensco 81 1979/2003 Cold Stacked US GoM
2 Ensco 82 1979/2003 Cold Stacked US GoM
3 Ensco 86 1981/2006 Cold Stacked US GoM
4 Ensco 87 1982/2006 Ready Stacked 9/15 US GoM
5 Ensco 99 1985/2005 Cold Stacked US GoM
6 Ensco 70 1981/1996 Cold Stacked UK
7 Ensco 102 2002 Ready Stacked UK
8 Ensco 56 1982/2006 Cold Stacked Malaysia
9 Ensco 67 1976/2005 Ready Stacked Malaysia
10 Ensco 105 2002/2010 Cold Stacked Singapore
11 Ensco 106 2005 Ready Stacked Malaysia
12 Ensco 84 1981/2013 Ready stacked 11/15 Bahrain
13 Ensco 107 2006 Ready Stacked Singapore

Rigs: Held for Sale/Discontinued operations.

Ensco DS-2 Cold stacked Spain
Ensco 7500 Cold stacked Spain
Ensco 6000 SOLD $1m Spain
Ensco 90 Cold stacked GOM
Ensco 58 Cold stacked Bahrain
Ensco 91 Cold Stacked Bahrain

The two jackups cold stacked in Bahrain, Middle East, are the Ensco 58 and the Ensco 91, both classified as retired per Rigzone. The sale amount is not known but I presume a very low amount.

Furthermore, the Jackup segment is getting much worse for Ensco, and I counted 11 Jackups that are or will roll off contract in 2016 with little chance to get a contract extension.

  1. Ensco 121 - 6/16 Wintershall - New Zealand.
  2. Ensco 120 - 8/16 Nexen - UK
  3. Ensco 110 - 11/16 NDC - UAE
  4. Ensco 102 - 5/16 GDF - UK
  5. Ensco 101 - 7/16 BP - UK
  6. Ensco 94 - 5/16 Saudi Aramco - Saudi Arabia
  7. Ensco 88 - 11/16 Saudi Aramco - Saudi Arabia
  8. Ensco 75 - 6/16 Fieldwood - GoM
  9. Ensco 72 - 9/16 Maersk - Denmark
  10. Ensco 68 - 5/16 Chevron - GoM
  11. Ensco 53 - 4/16 NDC - UAE

The situation of the four Jackups working for Saudi Aramco or NDC is unclear, at the moment. We will have to wait for the next FSR.


Ensco Plc., is the perfect model of an offshore driller caught in an ambiguous situation. The contract backlog is shrinking at a firm pace, whereas, the oil price positive momentum is supporting the stock price above $10.

The tendering activity has totally dried out and rigs are being stacked at a record pace. The facts contrast clearly with the street euphoria that we have seen lately.

M. Carl Trowell, CEO, explained in the last conference call that opportunities for distress acquisitions and M&A are increasing very fast, particularly the last three months.

Unfortunately, ESV is not seeing a quick recovery this year; however, the company believes that the market may change course slowly next year. The shallow drilling sector will be the first.

The stock price seems to have stabilized lately at approximately $9.75 - $10.50.

Ensco financial position is solid compared to a few of its peers. The market realist is showing an EV/EBITDA of x5.19 for ESV.

ESV's pro forma balance sheet as of 31 March 2016:

  • $1.3 billion of cash and short-term investments
  • $2.25 billion fully available revolving credit facility
  • No debt maturities until second quarter 2019
  • $5.0 billion of long-term debt
  • $7.5 billion of Ensco shareholders' equity
  • 33% net debt-to-capital ratio (net of $1.3 billion of cash and short-term investments)
  • 301.3 million ordinary shares outstanding inclusive of 65.6 million ordinary shares issued as part of the equity offering (The company reduced debt by $860 million at a 28% discount - a gain of $239 million - and added $586 million through the sale of 65.6 million shares, strengthening liquidity.)

One positive with ESV is that the company is still holding a healthy backlog until 2017, at which point the offshore industry could eventually experience a timid recovery.

Overall, I am still optimistic for the mid and long-term horizon. ESV has a solid balance sheet and I will probably add to my long position on any significant weakness. Meanwhile, I recommend a Hold on ESV unless the stock trades below $9.50.

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