Flybe Is An Intriguing Turnaround Story With An EV/EBITDA Ratio Of Less Than 1

Jun. 28, 2016 5:00 AM ETFlybe Group PLC (FLYBF)27 Comments


  • Flybe is a regional airline operating in the United Kingdom that is dealing with legacy issues.
  • The company leased planes that simply were too big, but when the lease deal expires, it will allow Flybe to save 20M GBP per year in leasing fees.
  • The current Enterprise Value is just $80M, which is very low considering the EBITDAR is $180M. The company is also trading at a 30% discount to its book value.
  • Flybe still paid a high price for its fuel in the previous financial year, but it has now hedged 90% of its expected consumption at a 32% lower price.
  • The fuel cost savings will be $40M+ this year and $50M+ next year, which is more than the company's current enterprise value.

(Editor's Note - Please note that amounts are presented in GBP, unless otherwise stated.)


It's great to find undervalued companies, but it's more rare to find companies where the market is completely mispricing a business. In this article, I'd like to provide you with an in-depth analysis of Flybe (OTC:FLYBF), a regional airline company whose share price has been death spiraling for the past 24 months now, losing approximately 70% of its value. I will show you why the market still has to catch up with the tremendous improvement of Flybe's situation, and why the company will start to surprise people in the next 6-24 months. To be honest, this company was a real head-scratcher as I just couldn't figure out why the market was valuing Flybe at just ~US$150M (coming from $500M just two years ago).

Flybe is a British company and I would strongly suggest to trade in the company's shares through the facilities of the London Stock Exchange where Flybe is listed with FLYB as its ticker symbol (pretty easy to remember). The average daily volume is approximately 600,000 shares.

FY 2016 - the first profitable year since the company went public

The company's revenue increased by more than 10% to 624M GBP which is a pretty decent result. Of the 624M in revenue, approximately 90% was generated by the company's own activities whilst an additional 14M GBP was received from companies it's flying white label services for (Scandinavian Airlines and Brussels Airlines). The higher revenue was also associated with higher expenses, but fortunately,Flybe was able to report an operating income of 8.7M GBP, which is much better than the operating loss of almost 13M GBP in FY 2015.

Source: annual report

Thanks to a tax credit of approximately 4.1M GBP, Flybe's bottom line shows a

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